Sky News Australia Host Breaks Into Laughter At Biden’s Gaffes


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President Joe Biden has been fantastic fodder for conservatives who routinely mock his noted struggles with making coherent speeches.

He would be providing fodder for late-night hosts as well if they treated Democrats the same way they do Republicans. And on Monday, a sky News Australia host simply could not hide her amusement at the ridiculousness of Biden’s gaffes.

The segment came in response to a medial report that insisted that Biden is fit to serve, as the show then played a video of some of Biden’s most ridiculous gaffes. After the video played the poolside chat where Biden spoke about a “bad dude” named “Corn Pop” the host, Rita Panahi, was wiping tears of laughter from her eyes.

“Yes, no man has ever been better equipped to lead the United States — and indeed, all of the free world — than the current commander in chief,” she quipped.


“We’re in good hands, folks,” she said as her colleagues struggled not to laugh.


Last week, former White House physician and current Republican Rep. Ronny Jackson called for President Joe Biden to be subjected to a cognitive examination after the representative said he looked lost on stage again.

It happened when the president was at the Laborers’ International Union of North America (LIUNA) training center.

“You know, uh…” the president said before looking confused.

He then laid the microphone down, picked it up again, and mumbled, “you guys over here.”

“WOW! What is going on with Biden here??? He’s TOTALLY lost. This man needs a cognitive exam NOW. There’s NO WAY he’s ok!!” the representative said in a tweet.

The president also appeared to struggle as he read words from the teleprompter.

In July, an interview on Fox News, Jackson called Biden’s cognitive abilities into question and discussed what could be behind his struggles.

“Well, I mean, congressman, there were signs that Joe Biden was declining during the 2020 campaign. I mean, let’s face it. He stayed in the basement the whole time during the campaign. So who knew what when? Are they hiding this and feeding him drugs to allow him to function? I know he goes home to Delaware a lot, more than any other president. So I guess my question is, what did Obama know? What did Jill Biden know? And who’s running the White House right now and are they covering up for these mental issues?” host Maria Bartiromo asked.

“Well, that’s the big question everybody’s asking, who’s really pulling the strings, who’s running the country right now? We don’t know the answer to that. We don’t know if it’s Susan Rice or Ron Klain or if it’s Joe Biden or who it is, but somebody else is doing this. They’re doing exactly what you said, they’re rolling him out at specific times during the day, he’s got good days and bad days,” Jackson began.

“And whether or not they have him on drugs, I don’t know. There are drugs out that that can increase your alertness and your memory and things of that nature, you know, cover stuff like this up temporarily. So, I’m sure some of that is going on as well, but we don’t know because his physician hasn’t stood up and took the questions that I took when I was Trump’s physician and answered those questions,” Jackson continued.

He added: “With regards to the Obama Administration and who should’ve done something about it, they saw him every day and they stayed in close contact with him, I’m sure after the Obama-Biden Administration was over. Somebody should have done something. Maria, I think they were so blinded by the fact that if Joe Biden came into office, they were going to be able to populate the entire West Wing with Obama folks, and that actually happened. Initially, there were a ton of Obama folks in the West Wing and we have Susan Rice running domestic policy right now. So, I think that they thought that the risk was worth it to get their people back into the West Wing, and they just ignored the fact that this man had some serious cognitive issues. And now they’re going to have to answer why, because it’s getting worse, it’s unsustainable at this particular point.”


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