Sharika Soal: To Move Forward Black People Must Take Accountability


I am so frustrated with the state of the world that, at times, I feel like Earth isn’t real.

This morning, I watched a video of a drunk black man on the New York subway who picked a fight with a man and then stabbed himself with his knife during the brawl and then shot at the person because he thought he had stabbed him.

A black man was screaming about how much he hates white cops on a New York subway, and then he shot someone, and now the D.A. says it was self-defense.

Democrats and Black Americans can’t keep defending people like this.

Black violence online is so bad right now that it is actively creating a narrative around my demographic that not even MLK could defend. He wouldn’t protect us in 2024. There is no way any civil rights leader who died so we could attend the same schools as white people would condone the level of unnecessary violence in ghetto black communities.

How do I keep myself and my child from being mistaken for the kind of people we see in videos depicting black crime?

Black-on-white violence has reached a point that if good black people don’t speak up and denounce it, we will be supporting a narrative about us that will keep our children in the same struggle as MLK.

Having to prove that many of us are civil beings.

The only solution to end the discrimination and prejudice against our skin is to take accountability for our wrongdoings. Relying on anti-white rhetoric to get our race to the next phase of the Earth isn’t going to work in a modern world.

Resentment is building; if we care about America and our children, we will do what is right.







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