Scott Presler Destroys Democrats’ Favorite Influencer After Only Attacking Justice Thomas on Trump Ballot Case: “The Ruling was 9-0 & You Attack the Black Man. Figures”

The US Supreme Court unanimously ruled that states are without authority to enforce Section 3 of the 14th Amendment against presidential candidates. This ruling allows former President Donald Trump to maintain his place on the Colorado primary ballot for the 2024 election.

The Supreme Court’s opinion clarified that it is the responsibility of Congress, not the states, to apply Section 3 against federal officeholders and candidates. Hence, the judgment made by the Colorado Supreme Court was overturned.

The ruling was particularly noted for its lack of dissent among the Justices, as it included hardcore far-left members Sonia Sotomayor, Elena Kagan, and Ketanji Brown Jackson.

This unanimous agreement was crucial in preventing any narrative that the decision was driven by a conservative bias.

Despite the clear consensus among the justices, TikTok influencer and defacto Biden spox Harry Sisson singled out Justice Clarence Thomas in an attack over his concurring opinion.

“Insurrection sympathizer Clarence Thomas ruled that insurrectionist Donald Trump can remain on the ballot in 2024. That should be the headline,” Sisson wrote.

Scott Presler immediately responded to Sisson’s attack with a sharp tweet, highlighting the unanimous nature of the decision and the inappropriate focus on Justice Thomas.

“The ruling was 9-0 & you attack the black man. Figures,” Presler tweeted, which quickly went viral on X.

In a separate tweet, Pressler added, “Oof. Bless his heart. He tried his best — don’t ya know,” further satirizing Sisson’s critique.

This should tell us what we need to know about the Democrat party.

Sisson defended himself against accusations of being paid for his political commentary. He denied allegations of receiving compensation from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) or the White House.

That’s when Twitter Community Notes gave Harry a hand. Twitter Community notes posted that Harry is being paid by Palette Management.

According to uncovered Federal Election Commission data, the Democratic National Committee / DNC Services Corp made payments totaling $210,000 to a social media talent management agency called Palette Media.

Palette Media manages over 60 social media influencers across various platforms, including many of the young “activists” with the liberal organization “genzforchange.” This agency also represents two of the largest democratic social media content creators on TikTok, Harry Sisson and Chris Mowrey.


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