Schweizer: The 'Product' Was Joe Biden in Family Business Dealings

Monday, during an appearance on FNC’s “Jesse Watters Primetime,” New York Times best-selling author, Breitbart News senior contributor, and Government Accountability Institute president Peter Schweizer explained how then-Vice President Joe Biden was the marketable commodity for the Biden family business dealings.

According to Schweizer, the public is beginning to acknowledge the potential wrongdoing, as polls have shown.

“So I didn’t know it wasn’t just the China trip on Air Force 2,” FNC host Jesse Watters said. “I mean, we’ve found maybe eight trips now on Air Force 2. It’s not like Joe didn’t know he was taking his son on Air Force 2 to foreign countries. How are they going to explain this?”

“Yes, well, first of all, Jesse, let me applaud you and your team for doing this great bit of investigative work because other news outlets aren’t going to do it,” Schweizer replied. “And they are going to try to explain it away. They’re going to try to say that, you know, this is about a family. This is just about a family spending time together. But the problem is, it’s always been about business. The thing that Team Biden cannot answer Jesse is the Bidens has got tens of millions of dollars. What did these people paying the Bidens actually get in return? There’s nothing tangible. There is no product. There is no service. There is no advice. It’s clear what the product was, it was Joe Biden — and they’re not going to answer that question.”

“So yes, they are going to continue to stall, and until the mainstream media starts to really take this story seriously in the way that they should, in the way that they would with pretty much any other person on the Republican side of the aisle, they’re going to continue to deny it,” he continued. “The good news is the American public is moving against the Bidens. It is now close to 60% of the American people believe that Joe Biden aided his son in a criminal, commercial enterprise, according to a Harvard/Harris Poll, so the trend lines are definitely moving against the Bidens.”

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