Ronna McDaniel and GOP Organize Next Debate with Far-Left Trump-Hating NBC Because the GOP Is Completely Worthless

The Republican National Committee is having NBC News host its next presidential primary debate.
Talk about clueless!

NBC absolutely HATES President Trump, Trump voters, patriotic Americans, capitalism, self-defense, borders, the US Constitution, and anything about Jesus Christ or American Greatness.

Just last week, MSNBC was losing viewers because they were so obviously anti-Israel after the bloody assault by Hamas on the country.

Mollie Hemingway added this: “NBC, which ran the Russia collusion scam, the Kavanaugh rape scam, hid news about the Biden Family Business, and constantly runs anti-GOP propaganda is rewarded by the RNC with a debate. Why not?”

The Republican Party is a failed organization. They are likely being paid by the Democrat Party, and if they aren’t, they should be.


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