Ron DeSantis Exposes the Book Ban Hoax, Displays Sexually Explicit Texts Found in Schools

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Wednesday held an event, as previewed Tuesday, displaying some of the sexually explicit books found in Florida schools in an attempt to debunk what the governor has deemed the book ban “hoax” pushed by the establishment media.

The administration played a video ahead of the press conference, which showcased some of the sexually explicit books that were found in Florida schools.

“We’re gonna expose exactly the books that parents are concerned about. You guys will not even be able to put it on your air because it’s gonna be so, so graphic,” DeSantis told reporters after his State of the State address on Tuesday. And, according to reports, his prediction came to fruition, as some members of the media reportedly cut their feeds during the presentation due to the sexually explicit content:

“Here are the books parents found in Florida schools and reported to their school districts for removal,” text on the screen read ahead of DeSantis’s press conference. 

“What was found is shocking, graphic, and we warn you… is not appropriate for children,” it continued before introducing the first book, Flamer by Mike Curato.

“The camp the boys go to in the book has an island that the book says looks like a frying pan. ‘But we’re all certain it looks like ‘c*ck and balls,’” the narrator said, citing text from the book as the screen showcased images directly from the book.

“It also contains a shower scene with a group of boys where a young man gets an erection. Another where boy watches porn and asks why is there so much hair while noting that those d*cks are so big?’” the narrator continued. Indeed, an illustration from the book — provided in the presentation — shows the boy remarking, “Those d*cks are so .. BIG.”

The presentation also notes that there is another section in the book “where a group of boys masturbate together and are pressured to ejaculate into a bottle.”

That book alone was found in Broward, Collier, Hillsborough, Marion, Seminole, and Volusia county schools.

The presentation also featured the graphic book Let’s Talk About It: The Teen’s Guide to Sex, Relationships, and Being a Human, which some have already considered to be pornographic in nature. The book was removed from Broward County schools, as Breitbart News detailed. Regardless, this book offers graphic depictions of how to masturbate “while also including an entire section for anal sex,” as the narrator detailed. It also contains sections on how to “sext” and considers virginity something that “just doesn’t work anymore in today’s world.” This book contains several graphic depictions of male and female genitalia, which the presentation also showed.

The presentation also highlights books by Rupi Kaur, including Home Body, Milk and Honey and The Sun and Her Flowers, which were found in 15 schools.

“‘Home Body’ says masturbation is meditation and speaks about how the writer wants someone to look me in the eyes when you’re down there eating for your life,” the narrator noted as the presentation also highlighted Gender Queer which was found in Orange, St. Lucie, and Hillsborough county schools.

It is a “graphic novel depicting masturbation and encouraging trans surgery by equating the scars from top surgery — the cutting off a female’s breasts —  with a tattoo,” the narrator added as the presentation ultimately asked, “If you can’t discuss these books in a school board meeting, how are they appropriate for children?”

“Children saw these images. Florida parents saw these images. And now you’ve seen these images. This is porn. These books violate Florida standards and curriculum. The hoax from the left is that these books were never in Florida schools,” it added.

Ironically, Twitter has censored the video of the governor’s press conference, warning that includes “potentially sensitive content.”


“That video, I think some of the news had to cut the feed because it’s graphic,” DeSantis said following the video presentation, debunking the “hoax” that Florida is arbitrarily banning books.

“I just think parents, when they’re sending their kids to school, they should not have to worry about this garbage being in the schools,” he said, emphasizing that taxpayer dollars should not be used to fund this:

“What you’ve seen is a lot of false narratives put out, and I think though there is a concerted effort to bring some of this sexualization into the classroom, particularly in these young grades,” DeSantis added.


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