Romanian Nationals on Visa and Asylum Claims Arrested in Vehicle Stop – Agents Find Stolen Gift Cards, Skimming Devices and Burglary Tools

Joe Biden’s America.

Claims for asylum and people here on J1 visas do pose a threat to the United States. Often these claims are fake or exaggerated. Regardless, this contributes to putting Americans in danger and helps increase our crime rates.

This past week, Border Patrol in the El Centro, California area made a vehicle stop. Inside were two Romanian Nationals. One of them was here on a J1 Visa and the other was here waiting for a court date on an “asylum” claim.

The agents found over 100 gift cards with stolen data, skimming devices, and burglary tools. So much for “asylum.”

The post on X was made by United States Border Patrol Chief Patrol Agent Gregory K. Bovino in the El Centro District.

Stolen gift cards are a booming scam operation. Some of these are very sophisticated criminal syndicates. TGP had reported on one in December.

Sacramento County Sheriff’s “Operation Bad Elf” has led to over 250 arrests for felonies and misdemeanors involved with big retail locations.

One of those arrested was a Chinese National Ningning Sun who had in his possession thousands of Target and Apple gift cards. Some of those he had stolen from a Sacramento Target store.

Although some people try to seek asylum in the US, it is not the major reason illegals are invading the country. TGP reported earlier this week about the Darien Gap.

For those that are seeking asylum or are here on Visas, it is still not in the interest of the US to just indiscriminately take people in. Open borders has created proportions of chaos that the American people have never seen before.

There is also a real threat of terrorism when the borders are open and the immigration system is allowing visas and asylum claims.


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