Roberts’ Wife Made Millions in Commissions from Elite Law Firms: Whistleblower


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A whistleblower has claimed that the wife of Chief Justice John Roberts received more than $10 million in commissions from elite law firms, according to a complaint filing.

The disclosure comes after Roberts declined to testify under oath at a hearing next month that will examine ethical rules for the Supreme Court and potential future changes, reported.

“His wife, Jane, is now facing scrutiny after newly exposed allegations made by a former colleague, who claimed that she raked in quite a bit of cash as a headhunter for acclaimed law firms between 2007 and 2014,” the outlet said. “At least one of those firms argued a case before her husband after paying Jane, it was alleged.”

According to the sworn affidavit of Kendal B. Price, Jane was described as a “successful professional with sterling educational credits” and was “accomplished in her own right.” Price’s concerns were included in a whistleblower complaint filed in December and sent to congressional committees, the outlet said.


“I believe that at least some of her remarkable success as a recruiter has come because of her spouse’s position,” Price claimed, added.

The report added: “Price said that when he previously questioned why Roberts’ commissions were vastly higher than others, he was shunned by other recruiters and given the impression that was a subject not to be discussed. Meanwhile, other expert legal recruiters said that her earnings with such experience were plausible.”

“When I found out that the spouse of the chief justice was soliciting business from law firms, I knew immediately that it was wrong,” Price, who worked with Jane at the legal recruiting firm Major, Lindsey & Africa, told Insider.

“I realized that even the law firms who were Jane’s clients had nowhere to go. They were being asked by the spouse of the chief justice for business worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, and there was no one to complain to,” Price added.

The report comes as other conservative justices are also being accused by Democrats and left-wing publications of ethics violations. reported late last month that Justice Neil Gorsuch “sold a property to a law firm executive less than two weeks after he was confirmed in April 2017.” It added:

Gorush was claimed to have made up to $500,000 from the sale, but never disclosed the buyer’s identity, who has now been revealed to be the chief executive of a law firm: Brian Duffy.

Duffy’s firm, Greenberg Traurig, had been involved in “at least 22 cases before or presented to the court,” the docket stated, according to Politico. Gorsuch sided with Traurig clients eight times out of the 12 cases from which his opinion was recorded.

Meanwhile, a group of 16 congressional Democrats has called on Roberts to investigate Justice Clarence Thomas for accepting luxury trips from a prominent Republican donor for over two decades, trips that, by current rules and standards, he was not required to report.

“Eight senators and eight representatives sent Roberts a letter on Friday to urge him to initiate an investigation into any unethical and ‘potentially unlawful’ conduct that Thomas might have committed. The letter states that the court has ‘barely acknowledged’ the allegations so far,” The Hill reported.

“We believe that it is your duty as Chief Justice ‘to safeguard public faith in the judiciary,’ and that fulfilling that duty requires swift, thorough, independent and transparent investigation into these allegations,” the letter said.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Richard Durbin (D-Ill.) invited Roberts last week to provide testimony regarding Thomas’ lack of disclosures, but Roberts declined, arguing such appearances are “exceedingly rare” and that Thomas has followed current rules regarding such disclosures.

“Thank you for your letter of April 20, 2023, inviting me to appear at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on May 2,” he said. “I must respectfully decline your invitation.”

In a rare move, all of the Supreme Court’s nine justices spoke as one late last week in a rebuke to Democrats who have been accusing Thomas and other justices of major ethics violations. In a letter to Durbin signed by all of the justices, they criticized Democratic lawmakers for making their ethics allegations.

“The undersigned Justices today reaffirm and restate foundational ethics principles and practices to which they subscribe in carrying out their responsibilities as Members of the Supreme Court of the United States,” the letter stated in part.


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