Riley Gaines Owns Keith Olbermann in Ongoing Social Media Feud: 'Makes Sense Why You Got Fired'

Women’s sports advocate Riley Gaines delivered another cutting blow in the latest entry in the ongoing feud with constantly fired ESPN sports anchor Keith Olbermann.

The feud, which has consistently been one side in Gaines’ favor, was sparked on Aug. 31 by Olbermann’s inept attack on the former NCAA swimming champion as an athlete who “sucked at swimming.”

Gaines not only won that exchange by replying, “Ah, makes sense now why you got fired from ESPN,” Olbermann’s hateful attack was even slapped with a community note that informed readers that Gaines did not “suck at swimming,” and rather was a “very successful swimmer.”

However, Gaines wasn’t done cutting Olbermann down to his bitter, hate-filled core. She has since followed that initial post with one showing her wall of fame which clearly proves how successful she was in her college swimming career.

Gaines posted a video cheerfully revealing all her SEC swimming and academic trophies and medals and added a yawning emoji to the post.

At the end of her video, Gaines joked that Olbermann is a grown man who has a problem holding down a job. And she is right. Olbermann has been fired by CNN, ESPN, MSNBC, Current TV, and a growing list of more minor broadcast concerns, as well as newspapers and magazines.

Whatever his intentions, Olbermann is finding scant support for his sexist, hate-filled attack on Gaines. But Gaines has also been warned that Olbermann really isn’t worth her time.

She had a reply to that, too, posting, “All the people commenting “he’s not worth it” and “you have nothing to prove,” trust me, I know, but I needed some entertainment too.”

Mic drop.

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