REPORT: Panicked Democrats Held DNC ‘Emergency Call’ Over RFK Jr. and His VP Pick

Now that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has announced his running mate, it’s starting to sink in for Democrats that he is really planning to run and may play a bit of a spoiler for Joe Biden.

For all of their talk about ‘our democracy,’ Democrats are simultaneously furious and terrified about RFK and other third party candidates.

Folks at the DNC apparently even held an ’emergency’ call over this.

Townhall reports:

DNC Holds ‘Emergency Call’ As Dems Panic Over RFK Jr.’s VP Pick

The Democrat Party seemed uneasy after Robert F. Kennedy Jr. announced his choice of Nicole Shanahan as his vice president pick.

According to recent reports, the Democrat National Convention has ramped up attacks on Kennedy, claiming the pair will boost former President Donald Trump’s chances of securing the 2024 election.

Pro-President Joe Biden supporters are attacking Kennedy for appointing Shanahan as his VP—a California-based attorney and progressive activist.

“I am personally offended and just disgusted by his campaign,” Rep. Robert Garcia (D-CA) said during a call from the DNC. “He should be ashamed of himself. He should stop running for president.”

Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. Austin Davis (D) called Kennedy a “spoiler,” and accused the Independent presidential candidate of being “drafted” into the race by top supporters of Trump’s.

“He has no realistic path to victory in Pennsylvania,” Davis said.

Democrats are panicking that a third-party candidate could cost Biden the election despite the president’s polling numbers being well below average due to his far-left policies.

These are not people who are confident about Joe Biden’s chances in November.

Panicked Democrats is great news for the rest of America.


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