Rand Paul: 'It's a Crime Against Children — We Should Never Put Our Kids Back into Masks'

Tuesday, during an appearance on FNC’s “Jesse Watters Primetime,” Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) decried the Washington, D.C. school mask mandates that are coming back into effect.

The Kentucky Republican called masking a “crime against children” during his Fox News appearance.

“So President Biden will be masking and socially distancing all day long, and now a D.C. area elementary school just brought back masks after three kids tested positive,” host Jesse Watters said. “Senator Rand Paul, what’s the feeling like over there in Washington now?”

“It’s a crime against children, and we should never put our kids back into masks,” Paul replied. “Right now, I’m having a battle with the Senate physician who wants to do three vaccines for all of our pages. They are 18 years old, and we now know that, guess what, in America, not one healthy child died from COVID. I’ll repeat that, not one. The number is zero, and yet we’re forcing three vaccines, and we now know that the more vaccines you give to children, the higher the incidence of the heart inflammation.”

“So it’s actually malpractice to do this, and I’m fighting them because in the Senate, they’re still trying to force every page that comes in here, young, healthy people, to be triple vaxed, and it actually is against medical advice to be doing that,” he continued.

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