Pro-Hamas Activist Destroys and Slashes Century-Old Portrait of Arthur Balfour, the Architect of Declaration Pivotal to Israel’s Creation (VIDEO)

A member of the protest group Palestine Action defaced a century-old portrait of Arthur Balfour at Trinity College, Cambridge.

The incident involved the activist spraying the painting with red paint and slashing it, actions that the group shared through images and video footage on social media.

Arthur Balfour, who served as the UK’s Foreign Secretary in the early 20th century, is principally known for the Balfour Declaration, a public statement issued by the British government that supported the establishment of a “national home for the Jewish people” in Palestine.

This document laid the groundwork for the eventual founding of the state of Israel in 1948 and is seen by many as a turning point in Jewish history.

Palestine Action, in their statement, expressed that their actions were a direct response to the legacy of the Balfour Declaration.

“Palestine Action spray and slash a historic painting of Lord Balfour in Trinity College, University of Cambridge. Written in 1917, Balfour’s declaration began the ethnic cleansing of Palestine by promising the land away — which the British never had the right to do,” the group wrote on X.


As of now, Cambridgeshire Constabulary has reported no arrests in connection with the incident. A spokesperson explained that the police are currently gathering evidence and furthering their investigation following the receipt of an online report of the criminal damage, Yahoo News reported.

The Times of Israel reported:

Trinity College said it “regrets the damage caused to a portrait of Arthur James Balfour during public opening hours.”

“The police have been informed,” it added, noting “support” was being made available to any member of the college community impacted.

Cambridgeshire Police said officers were “attending the scene to secure evidence and progress the investigation,” a statement added, noting that no arrests had been made.

Palestine Action has been involved in large-scale pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel protests in London over recent months, in response to the ongoing Israel-Hamas war.

The demonstrations have been heavily criticized by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s ruling Conservatives, and others, for being intimidating to Jewish people and encouraging antisemitism.


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