Pres. Trump Congratulates New House Speaker Mike Johnson – “He Will Be a Great Speaker of the House”

On Wednesday following his sham civil trial in New York, former President Trump offered his hearty congratulations to Louisiana Congressman Mike Johnson, the newly elected Speaker of the House.

“Just want to congratulate Mike Johnson,” Trump told reporters.

“He will be a great speaker of the House, and we were very happy to help. I’ve known him for a long time. He’s a tremendous leader and comes from a wonderful place, Louisiana.”

“He is going to be he’s going to make us all proud. So at this time yesterday, nobody was thinking of Mike, and then we put out the word and now was the speaker of the House. So I want to just thank all of the supporters that I have. And I want to thank all of the supporters that Mike has. And again, you’ll be a great speaker. I think you’re going to be very proud of him.”


Earlier today, Trump had sent out a message urging Republicans to back Johnson, stating, “GET IT DONE, FAST!” The call to action reverberated throughout conservative circles, and many view it as a crucial factor that pushed Johnson over the finish line.

Below is Trump’s full statement:

Congratulations to Congressional Republicans! Yesterday was a big and very important day. It gave us a quick and easy way forward with 5 candidates who are beyond reproach, and represent the absolute best there is in the Republican Party. Even the Fake News Media is impressed with what took place yesterday and, more importantly, with the Candidates themselves.

Congratulations to Reps. Byron Donalds (Florida), Charles J. “Chuck” Fleischmann (Tennessee), Mark Green (Tennessee), & Roger Williams (Texas), & the ultimate winner of yesterday’s vote, by a significant margin, Mike Johnson (Louisiana). I am not going to make an Endorsement in this race, because I COULD NEVER GO AGAINST ANY OF THESE FINE AND VERY TALENTED MEN, all of whom have supported me, in both mind and spirit, from the very beginning of our GREAT 2016 Victory.

In 2024, we will have an even bigger, & more important, WIN! My strong SUGGESTION is to go with the leading candidate, Mike Johnson, & GET IT DONE, FAST! LOVE, DJT


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