Pollster Frank Luntz Cringes as He Admits Trump Will Win in 2024 (Video)

Video screenshot-@tuxzito12345/X

Pollster Frank Luntz visibly cringed when asked who is going to win in 2024 and admits President Trump has the edge.

Reporter: “If you had to bet $150,000 on who’s gonna win in November, who would you bet on?”

Luntz: “I never dreamed that I would say this, but I would bet on Trump.”

“I never….I thought it was done.”

“I thought it was over. You don’t come back from an impeachment.”

“You don’t come back from January 6th.”

“You don’t come back from any of this.”

“But he has come back. The guy’s a survivor and his opponent is having so much trouble that I would at this point, give the edge to Trump.”



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