Poll: Plurality Believe Donald Trump Would Beat Biden in 2024 Matchup

A plurality believe former President Donald Trump would defeat President Joe Biden in a 2024 presidential election matchup, the latest weekly survey from the Economist/YouGov found.

The survey asked respondents, “Regardless of who you prefer, who do you think would win the presidential election if Joe Biden were the Democratic candidate and Donald Trump were the Republican candidate?”

Overall, a plurality, 43 percent, said that they believe Trump would win, while 34 percent said Biden would. Nearly a quarter, 23 percent, said they are unsure of who would win. Among registered voters specifically, 44 percent said they believe Trump would win regardless of their personal preference, compared to 37 percent who believe Biden would win.

Republicans remain more confident that Trump would win, 82 percent, than Democrats believe Biden would win, 67 percent. More independents also believe Trump would win than Biden, as 39 percent said Trump would win, compared to 27 percent who believe Biden would win. Another 37 percent of independents believe Trump would emerge as the victor.

In a general election matchup, the two are virtually tied, as Trump has 44 percent support to Biden’s 43 percent support. Another three percent go for independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Among independents, specifically, however, Trump has a one-point edge, leading Biden 36 percent to 35 percent. Another ten percent said they are not sure how they would vote.

Joe Biden, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Donald Trump

Joe Biden, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Donald Trump (Shawn Thew/EPA/Bloomberg, Jamie McCarth, James Devaney/GC Images/Getty Images)

Interestingly, most Biden voters, 58 percent, said they are mostly voting “against” Trump, while most Trump voters, 68 percent, said they are voting “for” Trump rather than against his opponent.

The survey was taken March 24-26, 2024, among 1,594 U.S. adult citizens.

Speaking to Breitbart News exclusively, Trump harped on one of the new categories of crime under Biden’s presidency: “Migrant crime.”


Jose Antonio Ibarra (right) is accused of kidnapping and murdering Laken Riley (left) while she went on a morning jog around the University of Georgia on Feb. 22, 2024 (Photos via Facebook/Clarke County Sheriff’s Office).

“We have a new form of crime in the United States—it’s called ‘migrant crime,’” Trump said. “Now, it would be called and normally I would call it ‘Biden migrant crime,’ but that’s too long and too crazy.”

“But everyone knows we have a new category in crime. So we have crime, and we have migrant crime. It’s vicious and it’s horrible and these people are very tough. Everyone talks about the migrants coming to America; many of these people are real bad people. Many of them are sick. Many of them are mentally ill,” Trump continued, as many conservatives urge him to focus on this issue as the general election nears.


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