POLICE STATE: Emails Released by Jim Jordan Expose How the Biden Regime Bullied Amazon into Censoring Books Critical of the COVID Shot and Identify the Official Who Led the Charge

Credit: Bloomberg

As The Gateway Pundit previously reported, the Biden regime targeted both Facebook and Twitter over content they did not approve of.

Now, it turns out the censorship tactics the Biden regime employed extended to Amazon as well. Moreover, we know the person who led the charge for the Regime.

Rep. Jim Jordan dropped an explosive thread Monday on X detailing the great lengths the Regime employed to pressure Amazon to stop selling books they hated. Their prime focus was reading material critical of the COVID-19 shot.

While Amazon was initially skeptical of the Regime’s bullying tactics, they ultimately bent the knee.

And who was the point man for this bullying tactic? Biden’s former White House Senior Advisor for the COVID-19 Response, Andy Slavitt. He started things off by sending off an email on March 2, 2021 demanding a conversation over supposed “disinformation” on Amazon’s website.

All it took were a few simple searches on hot-button issues such as vaccines to determine there was “disinformation” according to Jordan. No actual rigorous method was employed.

Amazon wanted to hold off on censorship to escape criticism from the right-wing media and not make things so obvious to the American public. Naturally, the Regime was impatient and displeased.

Amazon then met with the White House on March 9, 2021 to determine whether they wanted the company to ban or censor books. Jordan revealed the reason Amazon agreed to the meeting to begin with was because they were “feeling pressure from the White House.”

The Regime’s bullying efforts paid off. Amazon, ON THE SAME DAY as the meeting, enabled a “Do Not Promote” for books that questioned the effectiveness of the COVID-19 shot. Moreover, the company also looked at other ways to reduce readers’ ability to locate the reading materials.

This new information provides greater depth for the case against the censorship regime, which is currently on the ropes thanks in large part to a ruling in Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals on Missouri vs. Biden. The Court found that the federal government had engaged in an enormous campaign of censorship against Americans.

The Supreme Court recently announced that it will hear oral arguments in the case on March 18. TGP Publisher Jim Hoft is the lead Plaintiff.


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