Planet Fitness Stock Drops After Making Women Share Restrooms with Men

Planet Fitness’s stock dropped after the company directed women to share restrooms with male customers and told employees to use pro-transgender language.

The gym’s stock dropped after it was pointed out on Friday that “Planet Fitness requires women to share bathrooms with men and to refer to men as whatever name and pronouns they want” and that the fitness company is also compelling its employees to speak in the way transgender customers demand.

“Some members may feel uncomfortable with a transgender member using the same locker room facilities, bathrooms, showers, or other facilities/programs separated by sex. This discomfort is not a reason to deny access to the transgender member,” read a Planet Fitness operational manual that was posted to social media.

“Planet Fitness staff should work with members and employees to address the discomfort and to foster a climate of understanding consistent with the Judgement Free character of Planet Fitness,” the operational manual continued.

The manual demanded, “Planet Fitness staff shall strive to address transgender members with names, titles, pronouns, and other terms consistent with their self-reported gender identity, if reasonably known to the Planet Fitness staff.”

“Planet Fitness reserves the right to terminate a person’s membership immediately for any violation of this policy,” the manual added.

Notably, PLNT stock dropped eight percent after the company’s operational manual went viral on social media.

“Was gonna sign up. Won’t now. Wow,” one social media user commented in reaction to the manual.

“Sad to say that many businesses have thrown common sense out the window and decided for most what is right and what is not,” another reacted.

“People with male anatomy do not belong in the women’s restroom, bathroom, locker room,” another wrote. “Hopefully many are cancelling Planet Fitness memberships.”

Another social media user exclaimed, “IN OTHER WORDS, PLANET FITNESS IS NUTS,” while another simply commented, “Planet Fitness is a disgrace.”

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