PHOTOS — 'These People Are So Far Gone': NYC Firemen See Drug Addicts Shoot Up, Poop Between Their Cars

Drug addicts near a firehouse in East Harlem have been seen pooping and shooting up outside the facility, the New York Post reported Saturday.

The disturbing news comes as Democrat-controlled New York City grapples with a drug crisis and rampant crime.

Battalion Chief Burgess shared his thoughts on the scene outside the Engine 35, Ladder 14 firehouse, where photos show people sitting on the ground.

Burgess said the druggies break into vehicles, poop on them, and leave trash and needles everywhere.

“These people are so far gone in their addiction that it’s hard not to feel bad for them, but you feel that rage when they’ve defecated on your car, like what happened to mine last week,” he continued, noting that such instances happen on a daily basis.

One firefighter told the outlet that some of the individuals become aggressive when they are asked to move, while others simply grant the request.

“The firehouse is only a few blocks from OnPoint NYC, a so-called safe injection site that critics say enables addicts and lures them to the neighborhood,” the Post article added.

Social media users shared their thoughts on the report, one person writing, “Elections have consequences.”

“With democrats in office nobody is safe!” another user said, while someone else commented, “But this is exactly what Democrats created, what they want.”

A man in New York City recently sued Burger King for a whopping $15 million for allowing one of its restaurants to become an “open-air drug bazaar,” Breitbart News reported Sunday:

The restaurant in question is located on Fulton Street, just blocks away from City Hall. Despite its proximity to the office of Mayor Eric Adams (D), local resident Kevin Kaufman says a group of eight to ten “professional drug dealers” have all but completely taken over the spot.

A man was seen standing on a street in New York City in August with a needle hanging out of his arm as the drug crisis bore down on citizens, according to Breitbart News.

Welcome to the new New York. The Big Apple’s spiraling drug crisis has reached a new low, with depravity across the…

Posted by James Torres on Saturday, August 19, 2023

“In November 2021, New York City sanctioned its first ‘shooting galleries’ for drug addicts in the nation, then-Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) informed residents, according to Breitbart News,” the outlet said.


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