PHOTOS: NYC 'Menace' Pepper Sprayed, Held by Neighbors for Allegedly Targeting Woman

A well-known East Village ‘menace’ was pepper sprayed and subdued by citizens after he allegedly targeted yet another woman.

The New York Post obtained video footage the outlet said appears to be two years old. The clip was revealed following a recent incident involving a different woman on Second Avenue whom Fritz Marseille is accused of targeting, the news outlet reported Saturday.

Still images show the sidewalk encounter and the man in question:

The video shows a woman pointing pepper spray at the man who charges at her.

Moments later, two people intervene, yanking him away and holding him against a gate. The outlet said punches were thrown in those moments.

Readers may watch the clip by clicking this link.

“The footage was sent to Kenley Stevenson, a 24-year-old writer who bolted her new apartment last week after two recent creepy encounters with the homeless harasser,” the Post article said.

She explained the clip showed how long the incidents have been happening:

The Long Island woman said an unhinged Marseille jumped inside her waiting Lyft Sept. 30, just a day after she moved into the Second Avenue pad, screaming, “I’m going to have babies with you!”

On Oct. 21, he allegedly chased her down at lunchtime. She waved pepper spray at him to drive him away.

Social media users commented on the Post article, one commenter stating, “People are forced to defend themselves since the elected officials have failed to keep the city safe.”

“Dems only need about 5 more years of control of that city to make it 3rd world,” another person said.

In July, the Post reported the “homeless, convicted sex offender” was targeting women in the area, who asked the outlet to help them.

“Fritz Marseille — who spent five months in jail last year for allegedly groping two women — hangs out between East 3rd Street and East 5th Street along Second Avenue, allegedly accosting women who ignore his advances, witnesses said,” the outlet noted, adding he had told another woman he was going to rape her.

A few days after the Post article was published, the outlet reported he was sentenced to 15 days in jail “for forcible touching and harassment after violating the terms of an earlier plea deal,” according to a spokesperson for the Manhattan District Attorney’s office.

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg (ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images)

The most recent Post article regarding Marseille said he now spends his time between East 3rd and East 5th streets on Second Avenue.

The number of physical attacks on New York City women has increased 41 percent over the past four years, a Breitbart News report said on October 7.

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