Pelosi Says Israels Should Have ‘Justice’ But Not ‘Revenge’ Following Hamas Attack


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Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) claimed during an interview that Israel has a right to seek “justice” following the deadly surprise attack launched by the Hamas terrorist organization earlier this month, but not “revenge.”

“Our priority right now is to get the hostages freed,” Pelosi told MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, going on to praise “what Secretary [of State Antony] Blinken said today at the United Nations, calling for a humanitarian pause in the military action so that we can try to find a more peaceful path, especially right away to get more hostages free, not just American, although that’s our responsibility, but all the hostages freed.”

She went on to expound on her position.

“I think the humanitarian pause is the way to go. Look, what Hamas did was barbaric in Israel. It was barbaric, it was outside the circle of civilized human behavior, and if it happened to your family, you would want justice,” the California Democrat continued.

“I’m not talking about revenge, I want— I’m saying justice. So there has to be some other place we go instead of just saying let’s have a ceasefire. We had a ceasefire in May that was broken by Hamas on October 7th, so let’s remember that, but there may be a few votes in our caucus who may not support the package, but I think, by and large, it will be overwhelmingly supported,” she added, referencing President Joe Biden’s call for more funding for Israel.

“We just have to get a Speaker on the Republican side. They won, they got the confidence of the American people, now they should show they’re worthy of that confidence by at least electing a leader, a Speaker, so that we can conduct the business of Congress, and that includes coming forth with this package and then keeping the government open after that,” she said.



Last week, Biden requested a $105 billion package in combined funding for Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan. Earlier, his administration was ripped over a controversial tweet that suggested Israel was not within its rights to respond militarily to the attack.

The since-deleted tweet from the State Department’s U.S. Office Of Palestinian Affairs said: “We unequivocally condemn the attack of Hamas terrorists and the loss of life that has occurred. We urge all sides to refrain from violence and retaliatory attacks. Terror and violence solve nothing.”

Hamas, which has been designated a terrorist group by the State Department and which is believed to be funded, in large part, by Iran, attacked Israel by launching thousands of missiles into the heart of the country.

In addition, Hamas forces kidnapped scores of Israeli citizens and executed Israeli civilians in the most brutal ways imaginable.

The clearly well-organized attack was the largest against Israel in decades. Besides thousands of missiles, Hamas forces also invaded several towns and settlements near Gaza.

Republicans ripped the Biden administration over the tweet.

“This is disgraceful and every single person involved in drafting and approving this tweet should be immediately expelled from the U.S. government,” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) wrote in response.

Later in the day, the State Dept. also criticized the tweet.


“The United States condemns the terrorist attack against Israel and unequivocally supports Israel’s right to defend itself, as the President and Secretary have both made clear,” a department spokesman told the Washington Free Beacon.

Len Khodorkovsky, a former deputy assistant secretary of state during the Trump administration, labeled the tweet “pathetic” and said a message of that nature “emboldens the terrorists and endangers the civilians.”

Meanwhile, members of the far-left congressional “Squad” were also blasted after they called for an immediate “ceasefire,” Fox News reported.


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