OOPS: Conservative Congressional Candidate Accidentally Sends Out Prerecorded Concession Before Polls Close (VIDEO)

A conservative congressional candidate in Ohio accidentally sent out a prerecorded concession speech before voting had concluded.

Derek Meyers is running to represent Ohio’s 2nd Congressional District.

On Tuesday, while voting was underway, Meyers’ campaign sent a concession email to supporters — as well as a pre-recorded video of his concession speech.

Moments later, the campaign sent a second email telling supporters to ignore the concession.

“The previous email citing a concession was sent in error, due to a technical issue. Please disregard the email. Thank you,” the second email said. “DISREGARD CONCESSION EMAIL,” it added in all-caps.

“Attention Press: My campaign comms team has sent out an email in error as we prepare for both possible outcomes tonight. The polls remain open until 7:30 p.m. Please disregard the email. Thank you,” Meyers wrote in a post on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter.

Myers maintained that he was not throwing in the towel but prepared statements for whichever way the race went.

“There is also a winning email prepared,” Myers responded to someone saying he appeared to be ready to lose. “Would you like that one, as well?”


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