NOW YOU KNOW: The One County Out of 99 that Trump Lost in Iowa Ran Out of Party-Switch Forms on Caucus Night (VIDEO)

Tony Dokoupil at CBS News lets the cat out of the bag on Nikkki Haley’s single county win.

The One County Out of 99 Counties that President Trump lost in Iowa on Caucus night ran out of party-switch forms on Caucus night.

President Trump won every single county in Iowa on Monday night except Johnson County, where Iowa City and the University of Iowa are located.
Nikki Haley won that county.

President Trump won 98 of the 99 Iowa counties last night in the Iowa Republican Caucus. A Blowout.

On Tuesday, CBS News explained how this happened.

CBS Reporter Tony Dokoupil: Major, it’s been a very interesting night. They just finished voting. This was a room in favor of Nikki Haley, overwhelmingly so. Ron DeSantis second, Donald Trump a distant third. The most interesting development of the evening.

And Anthony Salvanto will find this to be very interesting indeed. They had 50 forms for people who wanted to register tonight or switch their party registration. They ran out of those forms. Members of the caucus team here had to run out to multiple people’s homes to get printer paper and get their printers fired up. They printed another 25 or so sheets of paper.

They estimate about 75 people were new registrations or switched their registration from Democrats and Republicans in order to play in this caucus tonight. And I think that’s a big reason why Nikki Haley was lifted up. You’re getting a little noise here as they clean up was so impressive in this particular outing. If she can repeat that, because we’re talking about 20% of the vote here. Thereabouts, give or take, were new registrations or crossovers, and that is above the typical rate.


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