NOW: Contact The 20 ‘Republicans’ Who Voted Against Jim Jordan BEFORE The Next Ballot

Jim Jordan receives a standing ovation from the vast majority of his GOP colleagues.

Twenty so-called Republicans voted against Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), a stalwart conservative and founding member of the House Freedom Caucus, in the election for a new speaker on Tuesday.

After lashing out at real conservatives for ousting Kevin McCarthy and supporting Jordan, Rep. Don Bacon even cast his vote for McCarthy, who was removed from his chair earlier this month.

The Gateway Pundit reported on this breaking news.

Jim Jordan, however, told reporters today that he is “picking up support every day,” and he predicts that we will finally have a speaker today. It is rumored that Jordan could pull enough votes in the second ballot to win the Speakership. The next vote will be held this afternoon.

The Gateway Pundit reported earlier that the House went into session to elect a new Speaker at noon ET. At approximately 12:40 pm ET, Representatives began making nominations for Speaker. The first roll call vote for a new Speaker started at approximately 1 pm ET.

Watch the second ballot live here:

WATCH LIVE NOW: Congress Expected to Vote on Second Ballot in Speaker of The House Election at 12 PM ET! – Call The 20 Republicans Opposing Jim Jordan NOW

Many of those who voted against Jordan represent deep red districts. They’re going to learn a big lesson next November.

DC Draino on X shared the contact information for each RINO who turned on their voters. “What’s crazy is how many of the Swamp 20 are in deep red districts & clearly going against the will of GOP voters,” he said, sharing the double-digit GOP leads in nine of the twenty congressional districts.

Here are the 20 and their phone lines:

If they won’t vote for Jim, primary them!

The Swamp 20:

Bacon – (202) 225-4155

Buck – (202) 225-4676

Chavez – (202) 225-5711

D’Esposito -(202) 225-5516

Diaz-Balart – (202) 225-8576

Ellzey – (202) 225-2002

Garabino – (202) 225-7896

Gimenez – (202) 225-2778

Gonzalez – (202) 225-2531

Granger – (202) 225-5071

James – (202) 225-4961

Kelly – (202) 225-5406

Kiggans – (202) 225-4215

LaLota – (202) 225-3826

LaMalfa – (202) 225-3076

Lawler – (202) 225-6506

Rutherford – (202) 225-2501

Simpson – (202) 225-5531

Spartz – (202) 225-2276

Womack – (202) 225-4301

Contact the 20 turncoats and demand their vote for Conservative Speaker Jim Jordan.

Watch the second vote this afternoon live here:


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