Nolte: ‘The Chosen’ Showrunners Express Support for Israel

While Democrats in mainstream, morally illiterate Hollywood diddle and prevaricate over whether to side with Israel or the terrorists in Hamas who butchered, raped, and mutilated 1,400 innocent Israeli citizens, the showrunners behind the independent hit The Chosen stand with the Israeli people.

“We’re a Jewish show. It’s that simple. We’re not a Christian show yet,” Chosen producer Chad Gundersen said. “There aren’t Christians yet until Christ has done what He was supposed to do. So right now, we’re a Jewish show. And honestly, we just stand with Israel right now.

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Joel B. Pollak / Breitbart News

“It’s that simple,” he added. “And it’s heartbreaking to see what’s going on over there.”

It is that simple. To any decent person, this is as simple as simple gets.

The Chosen tells the story of Christ’s life. Obviously, there are no Christians until Jesus of Nazareth dies on the cross to pay for our sins. There is also the not unimportant fact that Jesus is Jewish, as are his disciples. All Christians worship a Jew.

“We pray for Israel and everything going on over there,” Gunderson said.

Screenshot/YouTube/The Chosen

As do all decent people. Unfortunately, decent people are in short supply among the Democrats who run mainstream Hollywood.

What I mean is… Compare Gunderson’s act of moral clarity to the monsters in the Writers Guild of America (WGA), who spent more than two weeks refusing to condemn Hamas, a proud terrorist group that committed the worst human rights atrocities in the history of Israel, and the most appalling human rights abuses against Jews since the Holocaust.

The WGA just couldn’t bring itself to condemn those horrors until it became obvious the pressure wouldn’t let up.

hollywood strike

People picket outside of Paramount Pictures on the first day of the Hollywood writers’ strike on May 2, 2023, in Los Angeles. (David McNew/Getty Images)

You see, according to much of the Democrat party — and make no mistake, the WGA is 99 percent Democrat — what Hamas did was justified because of oppression or something, even though the “oppression” is pure lies and propaganda. Israel oppresses no one. Gaza is self-governed, and it was the people of Gaza who chose to allow the terrorists in Hamas to govern Gaza.

Even more shameful is that, so far, only one writer has resigned from the disgraced WGA over its delayed response to the Hamas terror attack. Who in good conscience would remain a dues-paying member of an organization so bloodthirsty it could remain silent in the face of decapitated babies and mass murder at a music festival?

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Nimrod Palmach

The Chosen is showing the way in more ways than one. It is an independent production. It launched on its own app. It doesn’t need the guilds or studios. It is producing a quality, critically acclaimed show. In other words, The Chosen has cracked the code. In the New Media world, you 1) don’t need Hollywood, 2) which means you need not worry about being blacklisted for speaking your conscience, and 3) you need not rub elbows with Hollywood’s neo-Nazis who remain silent as the slaughter of 1,400 innocent Jews is gleefully live streamed by the Islamic Nazis in Hamas.

If Israel laid down its arms and disbanded its army, slaughtering every Israeli at the hands of Islamic extremists would be immediate and dwarf the Holocaust.

If the Islamic extremists stood down, there would be peace.  Israel would harm no one.

What more does any person need to know?

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