Nolte: Joe Biden Risks Losing Support of Anti-Israel Moneymen Among Arab-Americans

His Fraudulency Joe Biden is losing support from Arab-American fundraisers because he is kind of standing by Israel in that country’s war against the Islamic terrorists in Hamas.

This story from the far-left Politico can only be read between the lines:

Biden is “facing anger from many Arab Americans, Muslims, and their progressive allies over what they see as an uneven response and failure to push for de-escalation,” Politico writes.


Increasingly, they have amplified their warnings, telling Biden’s team that frustrations among Arab Americans and Muslims could hurt him in the presidential race next year. While those voters make up a small portion of the electorate, they can be a key bloc in tightly contested battleground states like Michigan and Pennsylvania. Exit polls show a clear majority of Muslims voted for Biden in 2020.

“The voters are heartbroken. They don’t want to vote for Trump. But right now they’re asking themselves, ‘How can we vote for the other side given the refusal to call upon Israel to abide by a ceasefire and the continued rhetoric that we’re seeing here domestically?’” said Wa’el Alzayat, CEO of the Muslim advocacy group Emgage. “What I’m most concerned about is actually not whether they’re going to vote for Trump or not, but whether these voters are going to stay home.”

The “Palestinians” voted overwhelmingly to put Hamas in power. Hamas launched a savage attack on Israeli civilians on October 7 — something they were so proud of they live-streamed their atrocities. And a key part of Biden’s support in two swing states believes 1) this savagery was justified, and 2) Israel should shut up and accept 1,400 dead, tortured, raped, and desecrated civilians by agreeing to a cease-fire.

White, Arab, yellow, purple, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Satanists… I don’t care. Anyone who believes such things has no place in a decent society. They must be blacklisted, and those who are not citizens must be deported.

And who do these modern-day terrorist apologists in the Arab-American world support? Joe Biden. They support Democrats like Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI), who watched in real-time as Hamas unleashed horrors unseen since the Holocaust and would only comment on “what’s happening in the region.”

What happened on October 7 was something beyond an act of war against Israel, and moral clarity demands two things: 1) Hamas surrender unconditionally, and 2) if Hamas does not surrender unconditionally, Israel must make war against Hamas until it no longer has the capacity to hurt another Israeli civilian.

But that’s not what these monstrous Arab Americans want. They want Biden — who is already stalling Israel’s necessary ground invasion of Gaza — to take their position that Israel had it coming —which is what a cease-fire says and what it is meant to say.

A cease-fire would humiliate Israel, and right now, that’s precisely what Biden is aiming for. Why? Only to appease those who watched rapes, the decapitating of babies, mass murder, and the kidnapping of children and the elderly and then chose to side with the terrorists.

Biden is in a real political bind. Does he side against these terrorist-appeasing Arab-American moneymen, or does he risk alienating the Jewish-American community by siding with his terrorist-appeasing supporters?

This is what happens when you sell your political soul. When history demands you do the righteous and moral thing, you can’t because it’s too late. You’ve already dealt with the devil, and the devil always demands his due.

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