Nolte: CNN Electoral Map Shows Trump Winning Presidency Without WI, PA, AZ

After many, many weeks of living in denial, basement-rated CNN finally bent to reality Friday and updated its electoral map to show former President Donald Trump winning the 2024 election with 272 electoral votes.

CNN, a far-left propaganda outlet that meddles in elections, spreads conspiracy theories, and encourages political violence, had been ridiculed for refusing to update its map even as months and months of polls showed Trump clearly defeating His Fraudulency Joe Biden nationally and in most of the all-important swing states.

In defense of CNN, the delay was likely out of concern for company staffers. Prior to the update, in an abundance of caution, CNN management probably had to ensure the crybullies and thin-skinned sociopaths who work at CNN received enough antidepressants, suicide counseling, coloring books, and time with support animals.

This update was indeed a grudging move, as CNN’s decision to label Arizona a toss-up state shows. In the RealClearPolitics average poll of Arizona polls, Trump leads Hunter’s Dad by 5.2 points. The last time Biden posted a lead in Arizona was 11 polls ago, in April of last year. Arizona puts Trump safely at 283 electoral votes.

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Team Trump via Storyful

The only other two swing states on the CNN map are Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, and those truly are swing states. The RCP poll of polls has Trump up by +1 in Wisconsin and 0.6 in Pennsylvania. But even though Trump is a smidge ahead in those states, he doesn’t need those states to win.

Look at the insanity being thrown at Trump. The fanatical traitors at the far-left Atlantic are so bitter that they don’t want him briefed on national security during the campaign. Yes, the Atlantic is willing to risk another 9/11 just to see Trump fail if he’s re-elected. The Deep State is so out of ideas that the Russia Collusion Hoax is back on. Hours after the Democrat Party put a hit out on third-party candidates, CNN’s good dog Jake Tapper goes to work on Robert Kennedy Jr. Then there’s Joe Scarborough screaming about Trump “executing” people. MSNBC compares Trump to Hitler. As Biden courts the rabid Jew-haters in his coalition, CNN is looking to shore up Old Yeller’s Jewish base with lies about Trump forgetting the Holocaust.


Because the polling makes three things achingly clear: 1) This is Trump’s race to lose, 2) Trump is polling better than he ever has, including when he won in 2016, and 3) Trump is polling better than any Republican presidential candidate in 20 years.

Believe me, Trump can still blow it. Trump is perfectly capable of putting his petty grievances and feuds ahead of what matters and reminding millions of voters why they hate him more than they hate inflation. And you can bet that just like they did during those agonizing, marathon press COVID press conferences that probably cost Trump his reelection in 2020, the corporate media will do everything in its wicked power to bait him into blowing it, especially after Labor Day. Nevertheless…

Simply by admitting through this updated electoral map that Trump is winning the presidential election, CNNLOL is also admitting its irrelevance, along with the irrelevance of the rest of the corporate media.

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FDNY via Storyful

After all THIS — after nine years of a relentless smear and hate campaign backed by billions of corporate dollars against one man, this man is winning the presidency. That is a massive blow to the prestige and clout of the corporate media.

It is a brutal admission of how little they matter and how no one listens to them.

CNN updating that electoral map is no different than publishing a headline that says: CNN IS IRRELEVANT.

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