Newsom Plows Over Small Child Then Spanks Him During Basketball Game in China (VIDEO)

California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) plowed over a child during a basketball game in Communist China then bizarrely spanked the kid as he tried to recover from the fall.

Newsom tried to show off his basketball ‘skills’ when he awkwardly mowed over a Chinese child. As if the tumble wasn’t bad enough, Newsom spanked the child as he recovered from the fall.


Newsom met with China’s President Xi Jinping last week amid rumors he may be running a ‘shadow campaign’ so he can parachute in and replace Joe Biden.

Newsom was criticized for showing off a $160,000 Chinese electric truck. Californians are fleeing the state due to high taxes, a homelessness crisis, soaring crime and mass illegal immigration but Newsom is busy sucking up to the ChiComs.

Newsom also made a surprise visit to Israel before his trip to China.

“As I reflect back on the extraordinary people I just met today in Israel, I am reminded of the deep connections between my home state and this country. A country that has faced many dark times before, and certainly is in one now,” Newsom said in a statement earlier this month.

“But amid this present struggle against terrorists are stories of unimaginable heroism — and unspeakable tragedy,” he said.

“I listened to the grief and terror in a mother’s voice as she spoke about her son — a Californian right now being held hostage in Gaza — whose arm was blown off by a terrorist’s grenade,” the Democrat said.

The Democrats need someone to parachute in to replace old Joe Biden soon and Newsom and Michelle Obama are definitely the top choices.


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