New York Lawyers Step Up and Offer to Help FDNY Firefighters Targeted by Tyrant AG Letitia James

Two New York lawyers have stepped up to help the firefighters being targeted for ruin by Marxist NY Attorney General Letitia James.

Last week a group of FDNY firefighters booed Letitia James as she gave a speech during a promotion ceremony.

After honoring FDNY Commissioner Laura Kavanagh, Letitia James’s speech was effectively drowned out by LOUD pro-Trump chants in the crowd.


According to leaked memos, any FDNY firefighter who booed Letitia James will be punished and face reeducation. The firefighters were asked to turn themselves in or risk being hunted down.

High-profile First Amendment lawyer Marc Randazza told the FDNY firefighters to contact him so he can put them in touch with New York lawyers.

“I will see to it that you have free representation,” Randazza said on X.

At least two Staten Island lawyers have stepped up and offered to help the firefighters for free.

The New York Post reported:

A pair of Staten Island lawyers offered Tuesday to represent any Big Apple firefighter for free if they get jammed up for booing state Attorney General Letitia James at last week’s raucous promotion ceremony.

Lawyers Mark Fonte and Louis Gelormino said the firefighters had the right to voice their support for Donald Trump and to lambast James, who has been prosecuting him — as FDNY Commissioner Laura Kavanaugh threatens to discipline the jeering Bravest.

“If you are being ‘hunted down’ by FDNY brass for exercising your freedom of speech contact our office at once,” the men’s firm, F&G Legal Group, wrote in a letter to the Fire Department’s rank-and-file.

“We always answer the call. We stand ready to assist New York’s Bravest,” the letter said.

The firm has already sued the city over its COVID mandates and the location of some migrant shelters.

This time, they are rushing to the defense of firefighters after a cluster of smoke-eaters booed and jeered James during Thursday’s ceremony at the Christian Cultural Center in Brooklyn.


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