New York Banker Canned After Posting Revolting Anti-Semitic Comment Defending Adolf Hitler Following Hamas Terror Attacks on Israel

Credit: Nozima Husainova Linkedin

The evil terrorist attacks by Hamas savages on Israel have exposed some of the worst individuals in America.

On Wednesday, 25-year-old CUNY Brooklyn College graduate Nozima Husainova, who formerly worked for Citibank, took her turn slamming the Jews and Israel following these sick attacks.

She sparked righteous indignation after she shared a post by race hustler Shaun King claiming that Israel initially took responsibility for the hospital bombing in Gaza.

As Gateway Pundit readers know, this was all a lie perpetuated by Hamas. Not only did Israel have nothing to do with bombing, but the hospital itself was never bombed.

What really happened was the Islamist terror group ended up “accidently” bombing a parking lot.

Unburdened by facts, Husainova responded to King’s post by defending Adolf Hitler and praising the Holocaust. “No wonder Hitler wanted to get rid of them,” she wrote.

She ended her revolting remark with a smiley face.


Credit: @stopantisemites/Daily Mail

Stop Anti-Semitism, non-partisan American based organization focused on combatting discrimination against the Jewish people, rightfully lashed out against Husainova’s remark.

Perhaps felling the public pressure build, Citibank cut their losses and decided to fire Husainova.

A Citibank spokesman released the following statement Thursday to the Daily Mail announcing her termination.

We terminated the employment of the person who made the revolting anti-Semitic comment on social media. We condemn antisemitism and all hate speech and do not tolerate it in our bank.


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