NEVER FORGET: Here is the List of the 70 Republican Lawmakers Who Voted to Fund the FBI’s New $375 Million Headquarters so that the FBI Can Continue to Storm the Homes of Pro-Life Protesters, and Journalists, and Hunt Down Trump Supporters with Hounds

70 House Republicans voted on Wednesday to reward Chris Wray’s FBI with a new $300 million headquarters allegedly larger than the Pentagon.

The estimated cost of the new headquarters is more than $2 billion.

The vote passed as heavily armed FBI SWAT Teams with hounds were chasing a retired Army Sgt and Iraq War Veteran through the woods of New Jersey for his actions on January 6.

The FBI SWAT teams raided Gregory Yetman’s home on Wednesday. They trashed his house, detained his brothers, notified the local media before the raid, and then they let the hounds lose on Yetman after he fled into the woods.

As this was taking place 70 House Republicans voted to reward the FBI in hopes that they will target and arrest more of their voters.

Since Joe Biden took office FBI SWAT Team have stalked and arrested over 1,200 Trump supporters who attended the Jan. 6, 2021 protests at the US Capitol.
At least 80% of these FBI raids and arrests were for non-violent crimes like standing outside the US Capitol that day.

70 House Republicans want more of this.  They really like the idea.

The FBI has also targeted Catholics, Christians, pro-life Americans, parents at school board meetings, journalists, and President Trump.

On Wednesday, Gaetz launched a vehement attack against the House, the FBI, and Democrats while on the House floor, criticizing their appeal for funding aimed at developing an expansive new facility in Washington DC.

“They want to spend more than $300 million on that complex. Though the FBI has an employee base that’s about 2.3% of the United States military. Mr. Speaker, they’re literally asking for something that is larger than the Pentagon for the FBI,” said Gaetz.

“And so my amendment would disallow any planning, spending, distribution of funds for that purpose. I don’t believe that the FBI deserves a massive new headquarters or Washington Field office,” he added.

He argued against the investment of more than $300 million into a complex that is undeserved given the FBI’s abuse of power and violation of civil liberties against conservatives.

“They’ve worked hard to censor factual information harmful to their preferred political candidates, notably the Hunter Biden laptop story that the FBI, based in the DC metro area, were involved in cajoling censorship of. Building a new headquarters would condone, reinforce, and enable the Washington Field Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigations’ nefarious behavior. We shouldn’t do it, and we should adopt this amendment to ensure that’s the case.”

70 RINOs voted with Democrats to defeat the bill and fund the new FBI headquarters.

Here are the 70 House Republicans who voted to reward the FBI running a police state in America.

Here is the list of Republicans who voted with Democrats:
  1. Don Bacon from Nebraska
  2. Andy Barr from Kentucky
  3. Cliff Bentz from Oregon
  4. Stephanie Bice from Oklahoma
  5. Mike Bost from Illinois
  6. Vern Buchanan from Florida
  7. Ken Buck from Colorado
  8. Ken Calvert from California
  9. Mike Carey from Ohio
  10. John Carter from Texas
  11. Lori Chavez-DeRemer from Oregon
  12. Tom Cole from Oklahoma
  13. Michael D’Esposito from New York
  14. Mario Diaz-Balart from Florida
  15. Martha Duarte from California
  16. Gregory F. Murphy from North Carolina
  17. Jake Ellzey from Texas
  18. Randy Feenstra from Iowa
  19. Drew Ferguson from Georgia
  20. Brian Fitzpatrick from Pennsylvania
  21. Dianne Flood from Nebraska
  22. Andrew Garbarino from New York
  23. Tony Gonzales from Texas
  24. Jenniffer Gonzalez-Colon from Puerto Rico
  25. Kay Granger from Texas
  26. Sam Graves from Missouri
  27. Brett Guthrie from Kentucky
  28. Ashley Hinson from Iowa
  29. David Joyce from Ohio
  30. Thomas Kean Jr. from New Jersey
  31. Mike Kelly from Pennsylvania
  32. Kevin Kiley from California
  33. Young Kim from California
  34. David Kustoff from Tennessee
  35. Darin LaHood from Illinois
  36. Nick LaLota from New York
  37. Doug Lamborn from Colorado
  38. John Lawler from New York
  39. Nancy Lee from Florida
  40. Julia Letlow from Louisiana
  41. Frank Lucas from Oklahoma
  42. Blaine Luetkemeyer from Missouri
  43. Nicole Malliotakis from New York
  44. Deborah McCornick from Georgia
  45. Patrick T. McHenry from North Carolina
  46. Daniel Meuser from Pennsylvania
  47. Carol Miller from Ohio
  48. Blake Moore from Utah
  49. Frank Moylan from Guam
  50. Gregory F. Murphy from North Carolina
  51. Dan Newhouse from Washington
  52. Zach Nunn from Iowa
  53. Jay Obernolte from California
  54. Mike Rogers from Alabama
  55. Harold Rogers from Kentucky
  56. Maria Elvira Salazar from Florida
  57. Austin Scott from Georgia
  58. Pete Sessions from Texas
  59. Mike Simpson from Idaho
  60. Jason Smith from Missouri
  61. Christopher H. Smith from New Jersey
  62. Lloyd Smucker from Pennsylvania
  63. Jerry Carl from Alabama
  64. Glenn Thompson from Pennsylvania
  65. Michael R. Turner from Ohio
  66. David Valadao from California
  67. Derrick Van Orden from Wisconsin
  68. Ann Wagner from Missouri
  69. Brad Wenstrup from Ohio
  70. Steve Womack from Arkansas


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