Navarro: Context of Trump's Bloodbath Comments 'Is the Memory of January 6'

CNN political commentator Ana Navarro said Monday on “The Lead” that former President Donald Trump’s bloodbath comment should be taken in the context of the Capitol riot on January 6, 2021.

Navarro said, “So, what is context, right? I think that what people are reacting to, including me, when I hear him talk about bloodbath, and say that will be the least of it, the context I look at it in is the context of Donald Trump and Donald Trump’s history, and the four plus years that he has spent saying horrible things and creating this ambiance that we all lived under. There was an article a few weeks ago that asked does America have amnesia when it comes to Donald Trump?’ And Donald Trump on the trail is reminding us every day of who he is, and what he will wreak on America.”

She added, “So, what is the context? The context of him talking about bloodbath is the memory of January 6 and what his words and actions set forth then. It’s the context of him talking about American carnage. It’s the talking, the context of him telling us over and over again that he will be the retribution. So when you hear him say bloodbath, that’s the context you put it in, the context of the Donald Trump we know.”

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