Nasty, Tyrannical, Foul-Mouthed Lori Lightfoot Concedes in Mayoral Race After a Third Place Finish in First Round of Voting

Chicago’s worst mayor conceded last night after placing third to Paul Vallas and Brandon Johnson in the first round of voting in the Chicago mayoral race.

This woman was such a disaster.

Poor Lori, couldn’t blame this on any Republican or legal gun owner like she usually does. Instead, she wished Vallas and Johnson good luck in the next round.

Under Lightfoot crime soared and homicides went through the roof. Businesses were looted and fled the city. Even the Magnificent Mile was not safe from Lightfoot’s wrath. How many times did we witness the upscale stores emptied out by BLM youths in a well-planned night of mass looting?

Lightfoot conceded last night.

Classless Lightfoot liked to hurl the f-word at Republicans like Donald Trump and Clarence Thomas.

She had a weird fetish for posting cringeworthy dancing videos.

Lightfoot was singing while crime soared.

Even the communists in Chicago had enough of Lightfoot. 84% of Chicago voters rejected this failure.


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