The Metropolitan Police Department’s Use of Force Policy states that ‘an officer may only use an impact weapon to strike the head, neck, or throat of an individual if that individual is a deadly force threat to the officer or to another.

A strike to the head with a riot baton is considered “deadly force” by the MPD’s standard operation procedures.

But when millions of peaceful patriots showed up in historic masses to protest an inversion of reality under the guise of First Amendment-protected activity, employing deadly force and even murdering Americans in cold blood was suddenly sanctioned by the installed uniparty and Biden regime.

It’s a miracle Victoria White is still alive and able to speak after a high-ranking police officer incessantly beat her in the head nearly fifty times with a metal baton causing brain damage.

J6 survivor Victoria White.

By 4 pm in the Capitol tunnel during the January 6 Stop the Steal rally, protesters were packed like sardines shoulder to shoulder with nowhere to retreat.

Demonstrators in the unarmed crowd including Roseanne Boyland, Tommy Tatum and Phillip Anderson collapsed while getting gassed, maced, and bloodied by stormtroopers in protective gear beating them in the heads.

As Officer Lila Morris beat Boyland’s unconscious body outside the tunnel, Lt. Jason Bashaw almost killed Victoria White, striking her more than four dozen times, ostensibly intent on fracturing her skull.

MPD Lt. Jason Bagshaw, center.

Another unidentified officer is seen standing above the crowd in the surveillance footage spraying White and the other demonstrators like cockroaches directly in the face with cannisters of CS gas.

Excessive force expert Steven Hill describes the police malfeasance on January 6 in a series of videos from the Capitol riot compiled by investigators with J6 Truth.

Lieutenant Jason Bagshaw broke the law and deviated from MPS standard operational procedure when he guided the police squadron to “play whack-a-mole with the heads” of non-threatening protesters who were “stuck in the crowd” and “get away with it,” Hill contends. 

“You see the supervisor using his department-issued expandable baton to strike protesters in the head and face area. You see him using the tip as a spear, using its metal point to strike protesters in the head and face.  You can also see him using it in downward strikes as if using a hammer, again, striking the protesters in the head,” he states in a narration of the gruesome crime scene. “The primary target of his tirade is a woman who has been pepper sprayed and is standing against the wall covering her head and face.

“She’s not acting aggressively towards officers; she’s stuck in the crowd. The lieutenant appears to be the only officer in the tunnel using overhead strikes with his baton. Later on, you will see other officers following suit. You should also notice that almost all of the officers are wearing protective gear that protects their heads, faces, and bodies, while most of the protesters are not wearing protective gear or any type of head protection at all.


“Using a baton to strike anyone in the head is considered deadly force. The Metropolitan Police Department’s Use of Force Policy states that ‘an officer may only use an impact weapon to strike the head, neck, or throat of an individual if that individual is a deadly force threat to the officer or to another. A strike to the head with a riot baton is considered deadly force by the Metropolitan Police Department’s standard operation procedures,” he continues. “Yet, this woman and most of these demonstrators are not deadly threats to these officers.

“You will see other officers in the tunnel who are committing the same administrative, civil, or criminal violations as well, but you can see that the problem seems to be systematic with the Metropolitan Police Department. In many areas around the Capital that day, you can see supervisors and command staff personnel committing these acts of deadly force. So what do you think their officers are observing as well? If a supervising commander can play whack-a-mole with the heads of protesters and get away with it, why can’t the entire rank and file escalate their use of force as well? After all, who’s going to hold them accountable when they use excessive levels of force against these Trump supporters?”

After Bagshaw brain-damaged White, cops dragged her through the US Capitol shoeless and forced her to wait outside without a phone, a coat, or a ride. She was finally released hours later, only to return home and be terrorized by the Federal Bureau of Investigations.


When White and her family attended the Stop the Steal rally in Washington DC on January 6 she never fathomed it would turn into a bloody nightmare. Like many Americans, that day was the first time she ever visited the nation’s Capitol.

On March 8, 2021, White was ripped out of her home in front of her four daughters by heavily armed FBI agents in a predawn raid. DOJ prosecutors charged her with, “Knowingly Entering or Remaining in any Restricted Building or Grounds Without Lawful Authority, Disorderly and Disruptive Conduct in a Restricted Building or Grounds. Violent Entry and Disorderly Conduct on Capitol Grounds. Parading, Demonstrating, or Picketing in a Capitol Building, Impeding or Attempting to Impede Law Enforcement Officers Performing Official Duties and Obstruction of Justice/Congress,” crimes that could have landed in jail for 30 years.

WATCH Cops SAVAGELY CLUB PROTESTER’S HEAD With Metal Batons At J6 Fedsurrection  

Earlier this month, on Jan. 6, White turned herself in to serve a ten a ten-day prison sentence, a considerably light for J6 defendants who are being handed more time by federal judges than murderers and rapists. US District Judge John D. Bates also sentenced the J6 survivor to three months of house arrest for being nearly killed by Capitol Police and ordered her to pay $2,000 to the Architect of the Capitol in “restitution.”

Prosecutors asked for four months imprisonment with three years of supervised release, warning they “have not seen evidence that she is remorseful” and instead reveres herself as a “hero.”

Tatum and Anderson were also knocked out, gassed, and smothered by police that day. J6 political hostage Jake Lang, founder of J6 Truth, dragged them to safety and saved their lives.

Lang is seen in police body cam footage attempting to lift Roseanne Boyland to safety.

In August, the FBI apprehended Anderson for “his role in the Capitol riot.”

The Biden DOJ wants to drag Philip Anderson to prison alongside White after they nearly killed them.

White is suing the Capitol Police Officer for the brutal assault that resulted in brain damage and GOP House Speaker Mike Johnson for failing to investigate the police brutality that occurred on January 6th.

EXCLUSIVE | WATCH: Police Grab Peaceful J6 Protester By The Face And Throw Him Over A Wall, Excessive Force Expert Explains Exactly How These COPS BROKE THE LAW



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