MORE INSANITY: 150 House Democrats Including Dem Leader Hakeem Jeffries Vote Against Bill to Deport Illegals Caught Driving While Drunk

Credit: @EndWokeness

The Democratic Party doubled down on their support for rewarding criminal illegal aliens at the expense of Americans Thursday, and now X owner Elon Musk is weighing in.

As the Gateway Pundit reported earlier, the House of Representatives on Wednesday passed legislation that would deport illegal migrants who rob American seniors by committing Social Security fraud. The bill passed by a vote of 272-155, with all Republicans present voting in favor and 155 Democrats in opposition.

The House of Representatives Thursday passed the Protect Our Communities from DUIs Act, also known as H.R. 6976. This legislation would bar illegal aliens with DUIs from entering the United States and subject them to deportation if they cross the border.

The bill passed by a 274-150 vote. Rep. Barry Moore (R-AL), who introduced the bill, thanked his colleagues for passing his legislation.

While all Republicans present voted in favor, a whopping 150 Democrats thought the measure was too harsh on illegals and voted no.

Opponents of this legislation were not limited to most insane Democrats, either. Democrat House Leader Hakeem Jeffries, for example, voted to support drunken illegals.

Upon learning this information, a flabbergasted Musk took to social media to ask a straightforward question: “What the heck is going on?”

The Democrats are either bowing to their radical-left fringe in fear of blowback or exercising their true feelings toward law-abiding Americans. Regardless, these votes are a complete travesty.


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