Miss Israel Exposes the Oppressive Organization the People of Gaza Live Under in Viral Video: 'Hamas Is ISIS'

Noa Cochva, the 2021 Miss Israel, slammed Hamas in a viral video, in which she argued it’s not “free Palestine,” it’s “free Palestine from Hamas.”

“I’m Noa Cochva, I’m Miss Israel. Everybody knows a beauty queen’s goal in life is to achieve world peace,” Cochva said at the beginning of her video, before the clip changed to her donning an Israel Defense Forces uniform, at which she point she added, “Let me tell you how this goal became my reality.”

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“Two weeks ago, on October 7, Hamas infiltrated the state of Israel after years of terror attacks, starting a war in my country,” Cochva said.

“Their so-called ‘freedom fighters’ beheaded babies, raped young girls, kidnapped elderlies, burned entire families in their homes. They killed anyone they saw. Anyone. And our Kibutzim were burned to the ground,” Miss Israel added, referring to anti-Israel activists calling terrorists “freedom fighters.”

Cochva went on to talk about the situation in Gaza:

Let me tell you a little bit about Hamas. We’re all aware that Gaza citizens suffer due to the situation. The people of Gaza live under an oppressive organization. Do you think that money that you donate helps the citizens in Gaza? Think again.

Hamas uses economic and humanitarian aid for its own personal purposes. Building terror bases in schools, hospitals, and even kindergartens. And the residents — they only serve as a human shield. With the amount of money flowing into Gaza, they could have been taking care of their own civilians. They could have built functional facilities, secure spaces, a thriving economy, and much more.

“So anyone who claims there is a humanitarian crisis in Gaza is right,” Miss Israel stated. “But think about it: who’s to blame that there is no food, no medicine, only rockets? There’s only one to blame. Hamas. Not Israel.”
The beauty queen concluded her video, stating, “It’s not ‘free Palestine,’ it’s ‘free Palestine from Hamas.’ Hamas is ISIS.”

In the caption of her video, Cochva wrote, “Don’t stay silent. Stand with humanity. Stand with Israel.”

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