Michigan GOP Representative Honors Acquitted Whitmer Kidnappers Who Were Caught Up in FBI Plot, Democrats Try to Punish Her

Rep. Rachelle Smit (R), a Michigan State Representative, gave a state ‘tribute’ to three of the acquitted Whitmer kidnappers last Friday, William and Michael Null, who were caught up in the big federal hoax from 2020. Jurors saw through the hoax and acquitted them of all charges.

Rep. Rachelle Smit

The case involved 14 men who were accused of ‘plotting’ to kidnap far-left Michigan Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer in 2020. The plot, it was later revealed, involved a group of men who liked to go shooting, discussing how bad the Governor was, and one time they drove by her house.

The case fell apart when it emerged that there were just as many FBI informants and undercover agents among the plotters as there were alleged plotters, and that in every case the FBI was the one urging the plotters to commit violence.

The FBI also financed the operation.

The decision was not just a jury deadlock but, instead, an acquittal.

Democrats are already demanding that Rep. Smit be stripped of her committee assignments. Smit is currently the Minority Vice Chair of the Elections Committee.

Rep. Smit presenting the tribute

In a statement, Whitmer Press Secretary Stacey LaRouche said the tribute was “disturbing” and falsely claimed it would incite violence against future political figures.

Rep. Smit explained her motives in presenting the tribute to the Gateway Pundit as: “When I learned that these men were acquitted, and that they were entrapped by federal authorities, I didn’t hesitate to give them a state tribute for everything they and their families went through. The federal government, in order to cover-up for Gretchen Whitmer’s disastrous terms in office, lied about these men and fabricated a case against them to put them in prison. Thank God the jury saw through this, and thank God there were honest judges that did not let this injustice happen. Gretchen Whitmer should be ashamed of herself not only for pushing this hoax, but for nearly taking away the liberties of these men for a hoax.”

Reason magazine described the Whitmer kidnapping hoax as: “…one of the biggest public embarrassments for the FBI‘s counterterrorism and informant programs since 9/11.”

This hoax was the grand conspiracy that the FBI and federal agents claimed was a major threat to Whitmer, and which Whitmer has used repeatedly to portray herself as a victim and gain national exposure.

The government’s case against the supposed plotters was flawed in multiple ways.

The government got very upset when it emerged during the trial that one of its supposed informants Steve Robeson was not a double agent lying to the plotters to help the government, but was actually a triple agent, posing to be a plotter, posing to be an informant to the feds, but actually still a plotter. The government was shocked that someone might lie, deceive, and double-cross them, after having recruited and pressured Robeson to lie, deceive, and double-cross the defendants.

Pundits widely blame the collapse of the prosecution on the entrapment and illegality the FBI used to frame up the defendants. It also didn’t help the case that the central FBI agent involved in the entrapment scheme, Special Agent Richard Trask, assaulted his wife to the point of serious, bloody, injuries after taking her to a degenerate ‘swinger’s’ party to indulge his fetish for cuckoldry.

Richard Trask, FBI Agent, “Swinger”, cuckold

The FBI did not respond to our inquiries as to whether it was official policy and procedure for all Special Agents to engage in cuckoldry. We will update the story if they respond.

The hoax mastermind at the FBI’s Detroit Field Office, Steven M. D’Antuono was promoted to lead the Washington Field Office. The FBI was reorganized and renamed in 1935 by J. Edgar Hoover.

Former FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover

Democrats control the Michigan legislature by a slim margin: one vote in both the House and the Senate.

From that majority of one vote out of 110 representatives and 38 senators, the Democrats have rammed through every radical left agenda item. Democrats have fired  and refused to hire staffers from conservative legislators to punish them. Democrats have used lawfare against former conservative legislators like Daire Rendon for investigating the 2020 election fraud and against the 16 2020 Trump electors.

The FBI has been caught repeatedly trying to set-up bad actors to commit political violence. This is likely part of a long-running FBI operation known as PATCON, or “Patriot Conspiracy” which is a high-level federal operation against right-wing political organization and power. PATCON has been slowly revealed over the last 28 years by Utah attorney Jesse Trentadue through FOIA litigation. Trentadue’s brother Kenneth was likely killed by federal agents in the aftermath of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. The documents attorney Trentadue has uncovered reveals a decades-long federal conspiracy against the political right to use federal agents to link it to political violence and terrorism.

Jesse Trentadue tells The Gateway Pundit that he believes the ongoing FBI’s PATCON operation was also used here for the Whitmer kidnappers.

Rep. Rachelle Smit is in her first two-year term as a state legislator. When she ran for office in 2022 she was endorsed in her primary by President Donald Trump. Rep. Smit is a member of the “Freedom Caucus” in the Michigan Legislature, considered a group of pro-Trump conservatives.


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