Michael Savage Slams ‘Biggest Lie of Our Time’ on Palestine, Shows Continuous Jewish Presence in Israel Since 1900 BC

The Jewish people have populated Israel for nearly 4,000 years, noted conservative radio legend Michael Savage, who slammed “the biggest lie of our time” that Jews have no connection to, or right to reside in, their ancient homeland.

Appearing on Newsmax TV’s Rob Schmitt Tonight, the New York Times best-selling author debunked claims from “far-left terrorist sympathizers” that the Jews are “operating on stolen land.”

Calling it a “great opportunity to set the record straight,” Savage slammed the notion that Jews arrived in Israel after 1948 and that they are essentially Europeans that “don’t belong there,” calling such claims “the biggest lie of our time.” 

“Nothing could be further from the truth,” he asserted.

Pointing to the established historical timeline compiled through “real history books” and “well known by all educated people on the earth for at least a couple hundred years,” Savage noted that the land of Israel “has been populated by the Jewish people since [roughly] 2000 BC.”  

He went on to list key events in the timeline, just “in case” one had presumed it began in 1948:  

  • 1900 BC: Abraham, chosen by God as the father of the Jewish Nation, 1900 BC.  
  • 1900 BC: Isaac Abraham’s son rules over Israel.  
  • 1850 BC: Jacob son of Isaac rules over Israel.  
  • 1400 BC: Moses leads the people out of Egypt and back to Israel.  
  • 1010 BC: King David unites the 12 tribes into one nation.  
  •   970 BC: King Solomon, son of David, builds the first Temple structure in Jerusalem.
  •   930 BC: Israel is divided into two kingdoms: the Kingdom of Israel and the Kingdom of Judah.  
  • 800s BC: The rise of the prophets… God’s messengers.  
  •   722 BC: Kingdom of Israel is conquered by Assyrians.  
  •   605 BC: Kingdom Judah is conquered by the Babylonians.  
  •   586 BC: Solomon’s Temple is destroyed by the Babylonians. 

“We’re talking hundreds, if not thousands, of years before Christ — how do they sell this then?” host Rob Schmitt asked, before Savage even reached the rebuilding of the Jerusalem Temple, the Roman conquering of Israel, and the birth of Jesus Christ followed by the second Temple’s destruction in 70 AD.

“If it’s in these historical texts, how do they sell to all of these people that seem to believe that this is stolen land, that the Jews arrived there and just took it from these poor, innocent people who are now put in this ‘open-air prison,’ as they call Gaza?” Schmitt reiterated. 

Savage stated that such “alarming” claims have spread all over social media and emanate from both the “insane left,” and, surprisingly, also some on the right who have come up with “nonsense” that the Jews are, in fact, Khazarians “who don’t belong in Israel.” 

“They don’t even know what they’re talking about,” he exclaimed.

He then highlighted how most of those screaming that Jews “don’t belong” in Israel are “living on conquered land” here in the United States. 

Numerous tribes of Native Americans and their civilization were in America “for 20,000 years before the Europeans colonized this beautiful continent,” he said, calling on protesters to, under their own logic, “give up their house, if they’re so concerned, to a nice Palestinian family.”

Such fabrications, he claimed, are also coming from Hamas, whom he described as a combination of a “new form of ISIS” and the “new Nazis of our time.” 

“When ISIS took over large swaths of Iraq … [they began] knocking down archaeological sites that have been there for a thousand years to deny that there had been any other civilizations in the area other than Islam and Muslims,” he said, adding that when they “started to destroy cultural icons in the Middle East, people were shocked.”  

“Well, guess what, folks? The Palestinians have been destroying archaeological sites in Israel, as well, so they can deny the Jewish presence going back to 1900 BC,” he added.

Recalling as a child stumbling upon a news item from the 1930s detailing 20,000 Nazis gathering at Madison Square Garden and turning to his father in disbelief over how Nazis could be present in America, Savage lamented that nothing has changed. 

“Well, guess what? They’re still here,” he said. “Only their new line is that the Palestinians are the victims, and the Jews are the perpetrators of the crimes against themselves.”

Though the matter is “astounding,” he stated that he was neither shocked at the “stupidity” or the “evil” in the world. 

Turning to the history of Palestinian autonomy in Gaza, Savage explained how one poor decision became an ongoing strategic threat to Israel.

“In 2005, Ariel Sharon, who I admired as a great general, encircled the Egyptian [Second] Army when he crossed the Suez Canal,” he noted. 

However, the “great general became a horrendous moron when it came to running Israel,” giving Gaza “‘back’ to the people” there. 

“It was a huge blunder,” he said. “I remember talking about it at the time on the radio.”

Savage, who rose to the heights of talk radio and was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2016, went on to describe the circumstances following Israel’s 2005 “disengagement” from the Gaza Strip.

“Do you know what the Palestinians or the Gaza residents did the minute they got the beautiful greenhouses that were built with American and European contributions from good liberals?” he asked. “They didn’t raise flowers for Europe. They didn’t raise vegetables for the people in Gaza. They installed rocket launching sites inside the greenhouses.”

According to Savage, the Arab residents of Gaza “have been at war with the Jewish people since the beginning of time” and “only understand murder, death, rape, and destruction.” 

He then posed a hypothetical scenario for viewers to consider.

“You’re having a peace festival in your backyard and a gang breaks in, rapes your daughter, kills your wife and shoots your dog, and then you survive somehow. What would you do if you survived that kind of terror, which just happened to Israel?” he asked.

“You do exactly what Israel’s doing,” he responded. “They’ve gone into Gaza to wipe out the Hamas Nazis once and for all.”

He also highlighted the “horrible situation” innocent Gazans, “trapped inside the claws of Hamas,” are enduring.

“I don’t sit here and celebrate the death of those innocent people. They’re poor people. They’re agrarian people. They’re poor shopkeepers. Nobody deserves to live this way,” he said. 

However, he added, “this is what you get when you have a criminal Nazi organization taking over a country such as they have done in Gaza.”

Joshua Klein is a reporter for Breitbart News. Email him at [email protected]. Follow him on Twitter @JoshuaKlein.


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