Meanwhile, Back In Ukraine, Desperation Sets In

Some pretty disturbing images are coming out of Ukraine. A video appeared on Telegram today (Sunday) that shows two English speakers (they sound American) coming out of a bunker and trying to persuade two retreating Ukrainian soldiers to return to their lines. The Ukrainians execute the English-speaking soldiers.

Not only is this brutal, it is anecdotal evidence of a breakdown in “good order and discipline.” The two victims were not threatening the Ukrainians. They asked if they needed medical attention. Looks like those two Ukrainian soldiers were desperate to escape the meat grinder and did not think twice about greasing their two foreign “colleagues.”

There also is footage of the aftermath of a Russian artillery strike on a formation of Ukrainian troops, who had assembled for a memorial service for one of their fallen comrades. The Russians managed to inflict terrible casualties on this battalion.

Last, we have a captioned video of Ukrainian tank crews trying to retreat from the front. They are being jeered and ordered to turn around. The tank crews do not appear enthusiastic about returning to the front.

I discussed the situation in Ukraine as well as Palestine with Nima on Friday.

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