McCarthy Endorses Tom Emmer For House Speaker After RINOs Revolt Against Jim Jordan

Kevin McCarthy endorsed Tom Emmer (MN) for House Speaker Friday afternoon after RINOs revolted against Jim Jordan.

25 RINOs voted against Jim Jordan on Friday in the third ballot for House Speaker.

The House of Representatives has been without a Speaker for more than 2 weeks after Matt Gaetz filed a motion to vacate the chair. Kevin McCarthy was ousted as House Speaker earlier this month in a 216-210 vote. 8 Republicans voted to oust McCarthy: Biggs, Buck, Burchett, Crane, Gaetz, Good, Mace, and Rosendale.

Jim Jordan failed to secure the 217 votes to win the gavel on the first ballot on Tuesday. Twenty GOP representatives voted against Jim Jordan.

Round two of the floor vote for House Speaker took place Wednesday morning and Chairman Jordan fell short again. This time 22 Republicans voted against Jordan.

On Friday the Republicans voted 112-86 in a secret ballot to oust Jim Jordan.

The House Speaker drama is going to spill into the weekend. Chairman Jordan said he like a speaker elected as soon as possible.

“Our plan this weekend is to get a speaker elected to the House of Representatives as soon as possible, so we can help the American people,” Jordan told reporters.

Tom Emmer told members of the House Republican Conference that he will seek nomination for speaker.

Former Speaker McCarthy came forward Friday evening and endorsed Rep. Tom Emmer for speaker.

“He is the right person for the job. He can unite the conference. He understands the dynamics of the conference. He also understands what it takes to win and keep a majority,” McCarthy said.


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