Maria Bartiromo Grills Ronna McDaniel on How GOP will Protect Members from Junk Lawsuits by the Radicalized Left – Ronna Has No Answer (VIDEO)

GOP Chair Ronna McDaniel joined Maria Bartiromo this morning on Sunday Morning Futures.

During their conversation Bartiromo asked McDaniel what Ronna and the RNC are doing to protect Republican volunteers and GOP officials from baseless lawfare suits from the radicalized left.

Maria Bartiromo: You’re talking about Michigan. The Michigan AG is going after all the Republican electors. There’s an 81 year old woman in Michigan who’s looking at an indictment because she was an elector. How are you planning on getting more electors to say, “Yeah, okay, I’ll join the group and become an elector?” “I’m a lawyer, I’ll give advice to Republicans. If they’re facing an indictment?

Ronna McDaniel: Well we have to win, Maria. And this is part of the Democrat plan, is to put people in such jeopardy and scare them so much that they’ll leave the system, that they won’t be a lawyer, that they won’t be an elector. This is their plan. So we have the best Senate map we’re going to have in twelve years. We have to win back the Senate, we have to hold the House and keep Kevin McCarthy as Speaker. And then we have to win the White House so we can push back on these extreme Democrats who are trying to punish people for just being part of the political dialogue. And that is not good for our country. And we have to make sure that we win so we can protect these voters.

Maria Bartiromo (pressing): Yeah, no it’s not good. And ordinary people want to know if the RNC is going to protect them. Are you going to spend energy and time and money on that?

Ronna McDaniel: Absolutely. We have lawyers on the ground. We’ve already been there and this is part of our protect the vote initiative as well is we’re going to have lawyers in every single precinct. We’re going to have lawyers involved in every state. We had 19 councils last cycle. We’re going to expand that and we’re going to have poll watchers and poll workers. But that is part of protecting the election and we also have to protect people, make sure that they’re not going to be penalized for being part of the political system.

Did you catch that? There is no plan and THEY WILL NOT PROTECT YOU!

That’s how completely worthless the current Republican party has become.

You are on your own.

The question must be asked: Is Ronna McDaniel working for Democrats?
She truly cannot be this clueless.


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