MAKES SENSE: House Republicans Announce Plan to Pay For Israel Emergency Fund with Money Previously Allocated to IRS

Republican lawmakers proposed legislation on Monday to fund US Ally Israel in its war on Hamas.
The legislation called, The Israel Security Supplemental Appropriations Act, of 2024.

The proposed legislation will pay for the $14.3 billion Israel war fund with $14.3 billion from IRS funding in the Inflation “Reduction” Act passed by Democrats.

Sounds like a win-win proposition.

Obviously, Democrats will reject the plan. They know the IRS is a tool of the left to target conservative Americans.

Here is the proposed legislation, via Punchbowl News.

Only one Democrat so far has announced their support for the bill.

DC Draino approves.

Reuters has more on the GOP plan.

U.S. House of Representatives Republicans on Monday introduced a plan to provide $14.3 billion in aid to Israel by cutting funding for the Internal Revenue Service, setting up a showdown with Democrats who control the Senate.

In one of the first major policy actions under new House Speaker Mike Johnson, House Republicans unveiled a standalone supplemental spending bill only for Israel, despite Democratic President Joe Biden’s request for a $106 billion package that would include aid for Israel, Ukraine and border security.

Johnson, who voted against aid for Ukraine before he was elected House speaker last week, had said he wanted aid to Israel and Ukraine to be handled separately. He has said he wants more accountability for money that has been sent to the Kyiv government as it fights Russian invaders.

“Israel is a separate matter,” Johnson said in an interview on Fox News last week, describing his desire to “bifurcate” the Ukraine and Israel funding issues.

Johnson has said bolstering support for Israel should top the U.S. national security agenda in the aftermath of the Oct. 7 attack by Hamas militants that killed more than 1,400 people and saw more than 200 others taken hostage.

For at least a decade now, the IRS has been targeting the political opponents of the radical left.

Here’s a blast from the Obama regime’s past–

The Obama IRS targeted over 400 conservative groups for unprecedented scrutiny.

The IRS Conservative Targeting Scandal involved:

A Congressional report revealed 10% of Tea Party donors were audited by the IRS.  This is 10 times more often than regular Americans.

Like most scandals by Democrat operatives, no one served time for these criminal actions.  No one was fired.  Not one single person lost their retirement.


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