Maher: Dems Could Control Cities, But Only Do It So 'The Guy Who Sends Us the Fentanyl' Doesn't See Someone on It

On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” host Bill Maher stated that the cleanup of San Francisco prior to Xi Jinping’s visit shows that “the Democrats could control” cities, but only did it when Xi came because “God forbid the guy who sends us the fentanyl sees somebody on fentanyl.”

Maher said, “I want to try a theory out on you why Trump is killing it — not just within the party — but [he’s] beating Biden handily too: Because Xi — President Xi of China came to our state this week and met with Biden up in San Francisco, and they had a little summit. And they did something very interesting in San Francisco. I have done many, many jokes — as many comedians have — about stepping in poop in San Francisco. And just — it’s a city that needs to be put under control. So, they did, because Xi was coming. Put aside the fact that you only clean up when company’s coming over? Okay, so, they cleaned it up, the vagrants off the street, the homeless, God forbid the guy who sends us the fentanyl sees somebody on fentanyl. So, this, to me, is why Trump is winning, because he talks about, I’m going to open up the mental hospitals again — I’m not saying these are necessarily the good solutions — but he talks, I’m going to put people in camps, all of this kind of stuff. And people just see a place that — a country, especially in the cities, that looks out of control. And the fact that the Democrats could control it for three days, how about making it permanent?”

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