Lunden Roberts Asks for Privacy as Hunter Biden Bonds with Daughter

Lunden Roberts, the mother of Hunter Biden’s love child, Navy Joan, has publicly asked for privacy as the president’s son attempts to build a bond with his daughter.

In an op-ed for the Daily Mail, Lunden Roberts said that she chose to keep silent about her child support battle with Hunter Biden to protect her daughter’s perception of her father.

“Having gone to court with Hunter in a much-publicized child support case, I’m probably the last person you might expect to leap to his defense,” she wrote. “And yet that’s precisely why I’ve decided to speak out. The world knows all about Hunter’s addiction issues, mostly because Hunter has been so candid about them himself.”

“Yes, he’s led a privileged life, but Hunter has also lived in the public eye with political opponents who seize upon his mistakes and use his addiction against him,” she added. “Honestly, I’ve had a taste of that myself but the hurtful things that have been written about me are nothing in comparison to how Hunter has been portrayed.”

Knowing that Hunter’s daughter, Navy Joan, will one day be old enough to see what people have said and written about her father, Lunden Roberts opted not to “pour more fuel” on the fire with her public rhetoric.

“I’ve never written him off as a ‘deadbeat dad’ because I know Hunter, I’ve witnessed the kind of person he is and the love he has for his children and people in general,” she wrote.

Lunden Roberts then said Navy Joan is proud to call Hunter her father and even loves his artwork.

“I ask that people respect their privacy so that this treasured bond can continue to flourish. There will be people who say, can this woman be for real? These people have never walked in my shoes,” she concluded. “They’ve never met my daughter and they haven’t spent a second thinking what is best for her.”

While Joe Biden most recently publicly acknowledged his granddaughter after ignoring her for several years, it remains unclear if Navy Joan has met the president or the first lady.

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