'Low Polygon Joke:' Designer Blasts Tesla’s Cybertruck, Claims It Will Require Complete Redesign

A car designer claims Tesla’s Cybertruck has a serious problem that can only be fixed with a complete revamp of the vehicle, as its issues are deeply rooted in its design.

Professional car designer Adrian Clarke told Fast Company that “the Cybertruck is a low polygon joke that only exists in the fever dreams of Tesla fans that stands high on the smell of Elon Musk’s flatulences.”

“As soon as we saw [the Cybertruck], everyone I know in the industry started laughing,” Clarke said. “We just thought there is no way they’re gonna be able to get that into production.”

The car designer explained that car panels are made by stamping them with big metal hydraulic presses, and that if you have a dead flat panel, like the Cybertruck does, it will cause problems in production. “They always have an amount of curves in them because they have to be able to hold the shape when the part comes out of the press,” he said. “It’s going to vibrate and they’re going to have massive problems stamping those panels and having them keep their shape.”

Elon Musk satanic costume

Elon Musk’s Halloween costume (Taylor Hill /Getty)

Clarke’s observation reportedly aligns with Musk’s own admission about the dimensional variations being prominently visible due to the truck’s straight edges. This design flaw also causes the doors of a Cybertruck to not always align properly with its body, which is a fundamental issue that speaks to the vehicle’s overall build quality, Fast Company noted.

It remains unclear if the changes in the frame and fake exoskeleton were caused by other potential manufacturing problems.

Clarke told Fast Company that all those dead flat panels are “going to vibrate and they’re going to have massive problems stamping those panels and having them keep their shape,” and that “this will force Tesla to use some kind of foam or sound deadening.”

Flaws within Tesla’s Cybertruck are not isolated incidents, but rather “emblematic of a broader, concerning trend that has been emerging over the years,” Fast Company reported.


The report notes that Tesla Motor Club forums are filled with discussions and complaints about problems including misaligned body panels, body paint problems, and a slew of hardware malfunctions that range from door handles to problems with the retractable windows and poor quality dashboard screens.

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