Leftist Guardian Newspaper Condemned for 'Antisemitic' Cartoon of Jewish BBC Boss

Britain’s top left-leaning newspaper, The Guardian, has come under criticism for publishing an “antisemitic” cartoon featuring former BBC chairman Richard Sharp.

A political cartoon from Martin Rowson published in The Guardian newspaper has drawn condemnation over its use of exaggerated facial features of Mr Sharpe, who is of Jewish heritage.

The cartoon also sees the former BBC boss carrying a box with the words Goldman Sachs — a Jewish-founded bank for whom he previously worked — as well as an octopus, which has long been used to personify the tentacles of supposed Jewish control throughout the world.

The cartoon was satirising the dodgy relationship between Mr Sharp and former Prime Minister Boris Johnson, whom he allegedly gave an £800,000 loan prior to being tapped by Johnson to run the public broadcaster.

The left-wing paper ultimately removed the image from their website, saying in a statement: “The cartoon that was posted here today did not meet our editorial standards, and we have decided to remove it from our website.”

Rowson has also issued an apology, saying: “Through carelessness and thoughtlessness I screwed up pretty badly with a Graun toon today [and] many people are understandably very upset. I genuinely apologise, unconditionally.”

Nevertheless, the paper has come under fire for publishing the image in the first place.

The editor at large of the Jewish Chronicle, Steven Pollard said: “It takes a lot to shock me. And I am well aware of the Guardian’s and especially Rowson’s form. But I still find it genuinely shocking that not a single person looked at this and said, no, we can’t run this. To me that’s the real issue.”

Former cabinet minister Nadhim Zawahi added: “This is pure antisemitism. The guardian is clearly determined to destroy its own reputation and brand. What a shame, I may not agree with its editorial line, but it was a great quality product.

The scandal comes just a week after The Guardian’s sister publication, The Observer, published comments from far-left Labour MP Diane Abbott, in which she sensationally claimed that Jewish people and white people can not actually experience racism. As a result of the comments, Abbott had the whip suspended from her in the parliament, and Labour Leader Sir Kier Starmer said that he “utterly condemns” the “antisemitic” comments.

Both Rowswon and Abbott have been supporters of septuagenarian socialist Jeremy Corbyn, who was kicked out of the party for his reported failures to tackle anti-semitism within the Labour Party during his tenure as leader.

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