Karine Jean-Pierre Blames Inflation on Supply Chain Issues, the War in Ukraine, and the Pandemic – Mentions Nothing About Biden’s Trillions in New Spending (VIDEO)

Karine Jean-Pierre on Friday blamed the rise in inflation on supply chains, the war in Ukraine, and the pandemic, this week while mentioning nothing of Biden’s trillions of dollars in continued spending.

“We know that inflation was caused by supply chains that broke down because of the pandemic, Russia’s war in Ukraine, we know that caused oil prices to skyrocket, our economy was disrupted by so many ways because of the pandemic. That’s what caused inflation,” Jean-Pierre said.

There is absolutely zero proof that Joe Biden’s inflation had anything to do with broken supply chains as she suggested.

“He took historic actions on oil, so gas prices could go down.” Jean-Pierre continued.

But this was after gas prices skyrocketed to new highs and and today are still much higher than when Joe Biden entered office.


Jean-Pierre’s claim that Biden did something about oil to reduce gas prices was false. Gas prices have been consistently up under the current administration.

“How much longer will it be for Americans to bring down oil prices?” a reporter asked Jean-Pierre.

“We saw gas prices go down which is important at the tank to Americans across the country,” Jean-Pierre said.


The prices at the pump say otherwise. They are, on average, 44 percent higher since the Biden regime was installed.

The inconsistencies continued as KJP was discussing TikTok. She talked about the app being a liability for American’s data privacy while the Biden administration uses the app.

“The services put American’s data at risk,” KJP said.

“It is important for us to have an understanding right, where this American data is going. Do they live here or do they live in China for example,” KJP continued.



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