Jamie Lee Curtis Says She Prays for Conservatives Championing Transphobia in the Name of Religion

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis attacked religious conservatives in a recent speech, accusing them of “championing” homophobia and transphobia in the “name of religion,” adding that they must be “exposed and silenced.”

“These are very dangerous times and I’m very happy to be in a room with people who are fighting the best fight they can fight,” Curtis said to an audience at the Out100 Celebration, a red-carpet event honoring those who Out magazine has named as trailblazers in the LGBTQ community, according to a report by Fox News.

Ironically, the Halloween star went on to say that she “prays” that those who have different opinions from her due to their religious beliefs are “exposed and silenced.”

“I pray that the homophobia and transphobia that is being championed in the name of religion by the right is exposed and silenced as wrong by the love of humanity that is the center of our gay and out trans community,” Curtis said.

“Especially for people who have felt hidden their entire lives, and who have had the remarkable courage to state their truths like my beautiful daughter, Ruby,” the True Lies star continued, name dropping her own transgender child.

“My love for both of my daughters is absolute. It has never wavered, and it will never waver,” Curtis added.

The Freaky Friday star then addressed critics of her and her family, saying, “As their mother, it is my job to help protect them, and I hope to teach them that this is what you do when you’re a parent: You suit up and you show up with your heart open and your arms outstretched and your aim, true.”

“Your job is to tell the haters to back the fuck off,” she added.

As Breitbart News reported, Curtis’ son came out as transgender in 2021, and now identifies as a female named Ruby. The actress has also expressed renewed support for her biological son coming out as transgender, calling herself a “grateful student” of all the new lessons in gender identity.

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