J6 Political Prisoner Edward Roman Badalian Faces 51 Months in Prison for Talking Trash Online and Entering the Capitol through a Broken Window – Please Donate Below!

January 6 political prisoner Edward Badalian  went to D.C. on January 6th to protest and, in light of the violence perpetuated by leftist groups like Antifa, to protect others.

That day, Edward attempted to stop someone he believed to be Antifa from breaking a window at the Capital.  He entered the building through the broken window and, according to his lawyer, entered the building after being told Antifa was inside destroying property.

He was part of a Telegram group, PATRIOTS45MAGA Gang, set up to bring together supporters of President Trump that talked trash about those who interfered with the election.

The Feds, who love to use Russia as a boogeyman,  also used the fact that his father lives in Russia to imply evil “foreign ties” despite the fact that he hasn’t spoken to his father in 6 years.

In September, for four minutes inside the Capital, he was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson to 51 months in prison, 36 months of supervised release and ordered to pay $2,000 in restitution and fines.

Edward wrote to The Gateway Pundit to share his story.

My fellow Americans, I write to from the I famous DC “Gulag”, but before discussing my story, I would like to discuss the actual issue at hand first: the stolen 2020 election. I said it on the stand and I will repeat it here, in detail.

 In the months leading up to the election, while the Covid tyranny was in full swing, a curious thing happened. A partially blind computer repair man retained a certain highly incriminating laptop; thanks for the forgetfulness and stupidity of a dishonorable dim witted, criminal crackhead. The so-called “Laptop from Hell” contains numerous pieces of evidence of the corrupt and criminal act of the Biden mafia family.

 Naturally, the forces which intended to make sure Donald Trump, the peacemaker, was forced out of offices, mobilized to discredit the Laptop from Hell as, you guessed it: Russian propaganda! The default position of Democrats with no argument. After their amateur attempts to recover the laptop only served to prove its authenticity, they kicked their efforts into high gear. An active CIA named Antony Blinkin created a letter claiming the laptop “had all the hallmarks of a Russian Disinformation Operation” and had 51 “former” intelligence officials sign the letter. To this day, no attempt has been made to explain what those “hallmarks” were.

Simultaneously, other intelligence agents from the FBI approached Mark Zuckerberg and warned him that the Laptop from Hell story was Russian propaganda: a serious and thinly veiled threat to limit the spread of the story as much as possible or else suffer the consequences of aiding and abetting the Russian military. At Twitter, the FBI had even more direct control for the distribution of the New York Post laptop story, and thanks for the Twitter files, it was revealed that said agents did in fact make effort to suppress the spread of the laptop story.

Please help Edward here.

Thanks to this coordinated, illegal election interference by active federal agents, millions of Americans were either convinced the evidence on the laptop was fabricated by the Russians or were prevented from even seeing the story when they otherwise would have. According to multiple exit polls, such as the Biden’s Voter Messaging Analysis Survey, anywhere between 10 and 20% of Democrats would not have voted for Joe Biden if they knew the Laptop from Hell was authentic. That translates to between 8 and 16 million votes, which is an order of magnitude greater than the number if votes affected by various violations by Democrats of election rules and procedures set forth by our State Legislatures.

It is, in fact, a group of rogue, hard-core leftists Democrat federal agents who interfered in the election in the Democrats’ favor, and I, for one, do not believe it was possible for these agents to have done this without the knowledge of Democrat and other anti-Trump leaders. Americans cannot afford to lose sight of what January 6 patriots are being persecuted for. Don’t let the suffering inflicted on us and our families by these bloodthirsty tyrants affect your morale. This is a movement to save America’s soul and protect her integrity. As a great President once said: We have only just begun to fight. These criminals under the color of law, even with their most egregious and sinister attempts, failed to crush our fighting spirit. Pure corruption is all they have left, as none of their arguments hold water, and their party no longer possesses a single moral fiber.

While I do want to be open about my life story, I was never quite good at telling it, but I will try. My mother’s family immigrated from Armenia to Los Angeles in the 80s. While working at my grandfather’s video store, she met my father, who had also recently immigrated from Armenia. Their connection was immediate and strong but short lived. They divorced when I was months old and he ended up moving to Russia when I was 8. I was raised by my grandparents and mom, with my uncles as positive male role models. While my parents were not together long enough to make a sibling, I do have a Ukrainian half -sister from my father’s previous relationship. Naturally, the heartless prosecutors tried to use the fact that my father now lives in Russia as evil “foreign ties” I should be locked up for, despite the fact that he hasn’t spoken to me in 6 years.

 Most of my childhood consisted of reading encyclopedias , playing games with neighborhood friends, and martial arts training. While I was great at taking tests and class projects, I always despised mindless homework. In middle school, I started playing pickup games of football and at 12 years old I was already throwing 40+ yard spirals to receivers in full stride. So I signed up to play football for Burbank High School, where I experienced discrimination for the first time in my life. I don’t think Coach Meredith dismissed me on the first day of practice from the QB squad in favor of someone who was too short to see over the lineman, and so frail he would cry when tackled  based on merit. I don’t think it was necessarily because of my brown skin, but rather due to social class and the inside connections with the Boosters garnered by the family of the player who was chosen. Coach Meredith, a short, ill-tempered old man, would always insist on driving him home personally after practice while the team went out to eat, which we always found odd. I’ll leave it at that. I do wish that my family had the wherewithal at that time to see the potential value in my arm, and the means to transfer to a more serious HS football program. Instead, BHS ended up with a 5’5 QB and a 6’3 fullback, so we never ran any pass plays.

On a side note: you can see my Burbank football backpack in the Youtube video titled Wonder woman vs Antifa. They thought they were really clever when they found my name through that information, when they could’ve simply tried being civilized people and just asking me. I was maskless at every event except those where I knew they were going to show up armed to attack and spray us. BHPD, by the way, fully permitted Antifa to use pepper spray in full view of them without arrest, but arrested my friend Johnny Miranda for it.

 So, back to the story, I ended up leaving BHS in 11th grade and, at the behest of my mother, flew to Russia to live with my father. There, I briefly attended the Anglo-American School, who insisted on making me repeat 11th grade, despite my STEM and literary skills being well into collegiate territory. So, I transferred to the English International School, where I was accepted into 13th grade in the British System and completed me A-levels, innit. Having an English headmaster reminded me of Hogwarts, let alone the fact that his wife looked exactly like Professor McGonagall. There are too many stories from Russia to fit here, but needless to say, it opened up my worldview considerably. When I returned at 18, I quit the partying streak I was getting into, and started attending Pierce College. After a semester of prerequisite engineering courses, I tried DeVry because they did have an electrical engineering program that seemed readily accessible. Although the facilities left something to be desired, I did get to meet Joel K Harris and Professor Ziaei, two of the most intelligent professors you’ll ever meet. At Rocketdyne, Professor Harris designed a xenon-based external insulation system for the ISS and other satellites. Professor Z not only taught calculus but taught the lesser known history of math. Did you know the words algebra and algorithm come from the Al-Jabr, by Al-Kwarizmi? Only one copy survived the Mongol hordes and ended up in Spain. Despite the fun I was having at school, my dad’s promise to support me evaporated and I decided to put school on pause and return to helping out our family businesses. I did continue studying electricity on my own, eventually building several Tesla coils and started on my designs for a nuclear fusion reactor. But, that’s yet another long story. I started working at the pizza restaurant of my then girlfriend’s family. There, under Chef Lucy, I learned to cook pizza the authentic Italian way. She had graduated Le Cordon Bleu at the top of her class, and her techniques proved to be absolutely legitimate.

Please help Edward here.

 In 2016, I tried repairing my relationship with my father and traveled to Russia again, this time with new skills and some higher education to help him out with his Moscow based restaurants. Beverly Hills Diner is an American 50s style theme restaurant complete with full size Hollywood characters, car tables and a real jukebox. My father always had a love for classic Americana, and grew fond of Beverly Hills since he lived on La Cienega and Sunset when I was growing up. He even owned Snow White Cafe on Hollywood Blvd at one point. So, he recreated the classic diner on a highway in a working class neighborhood in Moscow. The other restaurant is Casa Agave, a Latin American mainstay in the heart of Moscow, a mere 500ft away from the Kremlin. At the diner, the pizza chef was sleeping on the job due to the lack of orders. Every ingredient on the pizzas was incorrect, from nasty yellowy cheese, to mystery meats and soggy bread. Armed with Chef Lucy’s techniques, I transformed the pizza menu and food prep procedures to give working class Russians an authentic taste of American style pizza. The key to a perfect pizza is a thin crust that still holds its shape when lifted, the way real pizza by the slice was developed in New York, New York. At Casa Agave, my limited culinary skills were of no help to the Peruvian master chef.

 However, the graphic design skills I had gained through learning CAD enabled me to redesign the menus and logos into slick, modern layouts. I even designed a bespoke wood platter for taco dishes that is still used there today. Despite these efforts, after returning home in 2017, the new plans my father and I had fell apart once again, because he stopped answering my phone calls. I suspect the rising tensions in Ukraine stemming from the Obama era may have caused him to cut off all contact with the US, including me, for obvious fears. I am deeply troubled by the Ukraine conflict and share the view of most actual Americans and Russians; a desire for mutual peace and cooperation, not endless provocation and escalation.

 So, in 2017 I returned to Pierce and joined Young Americans for Liberty, a libertarian youth organization with strong American patriotic values, at the behest of the aforementioned girlfriend who was already a member. Through, YAL, we attended the Leadership Institute’s youth leadership course, where I met political aces like Nathan Fatal and former Antifa member Gabe Nadales. Morton Blackwell, LI’s founder, is an excellent teacher on the psychology of politics, and I recommend YAL/LI for all college students. We absolutely wiped the floor with the Pierce Democrats on the debate stage and showed that grassroots efforts can defeat top down organization.

 While volunteering with YAL, I attended Ben Shapiro’s UCLA speech. This was my first encounter with fascist Antifa and their mindless repetitive shouts of morally empty duck-speak. After that semester ended, I left school again and went back to food delivery, Uber, and odd construction jobs. I actually got hired to restore the original solid teak doors at the Ennis House by Frank Lloyd Wright. Some madman had painted them white.

 When SARS-CoV-2 was deployed, most home renovation work stopped. Day to day life became a political power struggle, by design. I saw that at political rallies, Antifa was getting more and more violent, so I got fed up with them assaulting innocent Americans and decided to attend the Save Our Children and Freedom Rallies that were popping up in Los Angeles to stand up for America and against these useful idiot attack dogs. These rallies are always peaceful unless Antifa shows up to attack people while they’re speaking, marching, or their favorite, when Americans are walking back to their cars. My biggest confrontation with them was in late Oct of 2020, found in the video I referred to before. A few days later, the Democrat party, aided and abetted by rogue FBI and CIA agents, pulled off the greatest election fraud operation in history. They employed several different methods. Voting machines were used which were shown in Dr. Shiva’s trial to have counted votes with decimal points instead of whole numbers, an HOA election feature which was supposed to be removed for the general election. The machines were easily hacked live during State Legislature hearings and shown to have internet connectivity. Worse than this though, FBI and CIA agents interfered directly in the election.

Please help Edward here.

So, in response to the blatant collusion between the Democrat party and their election interference agents, the American people began protesting in DC and around the country against the fraudulent election, which is in fact the most heinous attack on America’s heart since 9/11. The totally not feds known as Antifa/ black bloc ramped up their assaults on the American people, leading to many fights in DC and the stabbing of four Proud Boys who were protesting peacefully. If these scumbags were true anarchists, they would be happy to join in with the anti-corruption sentiment alongside us small government, libertarian leaning Republicans, not act like attack dogs for criminal politicians and billionaires whom anarchists should be vehemently against. When Kayleigh McEnany said Donald Trump was antifascist, it was a lot more credible, considering his status as world peacemaker, than these black bloc bootlickers of fascist globalist warmongering tyrants calling themselves antifascist. Joe Biden and his cronies are the shining stars of fascism in the 21st century. But, I digress.

 After the stabbings in DC, it made me and my Freedom Rally friends want to go and protest more, but at the same time made us more cautious. This is why we brought defensive gear to the Airbnb in Arlington, VA, but never to Trump’s speech nor the Capitol. The taser my codefendant Daniel used was given to him by someone in the crowd, long after we separated. This was demonstrated at trial and is public record. Neither Daniel nor I “conspired” to personally stop the counting of votes at any time, so the prosecutors created a novel theory where my general sentiments about arresting traitors and the posse comitatus procedure actually somehow translated to Daniel and I believing that we were going to personally stop the count by personally arresting people, despite my repeated statements that police would have to be involved in any kind of arrest a total lack of any statements or actions where Daniel or I would actually attempt to stop the count by an arrest of Congressmen or women.

 In the scenario I was hypothesizing, the fraudulent counting would actually have to occur, and then the crime of certifying a fraudulent election would have actually been committed, and the police would arrest those involved in an orderly fashion. Then, if black bloc fascists attempted to stop or obstruct the arrests, we Americans would be deputized to assist the police and conduct citizens arrests where necessary. Thus, they wouldn’t be outnumbered like they were at Lafayette Park, where more officers were injured in just one black bloc attack than at J6. Their body count is well above 1000 officers injured, many permanently, with at least 10 innocent people murdered, so far. Isn’t it interesting how the noble and patriotic AUSA’s of our highly esteemed Department Of “Justice” dropped or reduced nearly all charges and never even considered conspiracy charges against black bloc, despite the fact that they plan, organize and arm themselves specifically to attack police with guns, explosives, lasers, and hand weapons, take over government buildings and businesses, and burn them down. They have never been charged with severe felonies like some J6ers who never laid a finger on police and even some who weren’t even at the Capitol that day.

The terrorist who shot and killed Horace Lorenzo Anderson Jr at the CHAZ/CHOP with an AR-15 only got 14 years. This was a piece of American territory in Seattle where heavily armed terrorists attacked and took over several city blocks, including a police station. Raz Simone was captured on video handing AR-15s out of his Tesla. Perhaps the FBI should send a 20 man raid to his house and find out whether he supplied the weapon that was used in Horace’s brutal murder. Sean Hannity, of all people, was the only one in the national media who gave Horace Lorenzo Anderson’s father airtime to grieve the senseless murder of his innocent son. Apparently, taking over actual American city blocks, attacking police constantly, and murdering innocent Americans is not a heinous enough crime for the feds to be interested, but don’t you evil patriotic Republicans dare to challenge an obviously stolen election or else the partisan Democrat attack dogs embedded in the DOJ will abuse every last bit of their unjust authority to make an example out of you. How they have long forgotten that just authority must come from the consent of the governed.

So my message to the Republican Party, to Democrats and libertarians who still love this country, is to fight together against the establishment uniparty and their repeated corrupt, criminal acts. True liberals, I implore you to remember what these criminals did to your emphatic, effective and unifying Occupy movement. Stand with us against these money laundering warmongers. Let us bring America and the world off the brink of thermonuclear war. The blood of hundreds of Israelis is now on the hands of Joe Biden and his handlers, the same hands upon which the blood of 13 brave American soldiers was just beginning to crust.

With Deep Concern and Sincere Hope,

Edward Roman Badalian


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