J.K. Rowling Threatens Legal Action Against Transgender Fan Site for Posting Claims about Family

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling has threatened to take “legal action” against a transgender-themed fan site for spreading what Rowling said are lies about the novelist’s family.

On Wednesday, J.K. Rowling fired off the salvo against Wizarding News — which is nominally a Harry Potter fan site that has recently devoted itself to promoting transgenderism and reporting on what it calls “the demise of J.K. Rowling’s legacy.”

Wizarding News appears to have posted claims that Rowling’s daughter has sought to distance herself from her mother. The site also reportedly posted a photo of what it claimed to be Rowling’s daughter and grandchild — though Rowling responded by saying the people in the image were misidentified.

“That isn’t my daughter,” Rowling posted on X. “Your vendetta against me is causing collateral damage to innocent people. If legal action is the only way to protect them, I will take it.”

Wizarding News appears to have removed the image.

The bust-up is the latest attempt by transgender activists to hurt J.K. Rowling’s reputation for her sin of believing that biological sex is a reality and that transgender “women” aren’t real women. She has also been a vocal opponent of sex-change procedures for children.

Last year, she joined the growing number of people rebelling against the transgender term “cis,” saying people have the right to refuse to use trans jargon. “Cis” is trans lingo for anyone whose “gender identity” corresponds with their biological sex. In other words, if you aren’t trans or gender non-conforming, you’re “cis-gendered.”

Rowling recently ripped trans activists who have pushed puberty blockers on minors after the British health services banned their use on children.

She called the activists “well-funded lobbying groups drunk on their own power.”

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