Illegal Aliens Who Attacked Two NYPD Officers in Times Square Released Without Bail — Suspects Flip the Bird at Cameras After Leaving Court

Jhoan Boada (Photo: Steven Hirsch)

Welcome to Joe Biden’s new America!

Two of the illegal aliens charged with assaulting two NYPD officers in Times Square were released without bail and were photographed flipping the middle finger to the media after leaving court.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported the incident, which occurred last Saturday night, involving a mob of illegal immigrants who brutally assaulted two New York City police officers.

The attack, captured on video near a migrant center in Times Square, shows the officers initially directing the group to disperse. Moments later, the officers reappear in the frame, physically struggling with one of the migrants.

According to authorities, eight people attacked the two cops.

The assailants, identified by sources as Darwin Andres Gomez Izquiel, 19, Kelvin Servat Arocha, 19, Juarez Wilson, 21, and Yorman Reveron, 24, were all charged with assault but subsequently released without bail.

Jhoan Boada, 22, the fifth suspect to be freed, was arrested after being identified from surveillance footage and a wanted poster.

Boada displayed a brazen attitude as he left the Manhattan Criminal Court. After his arraignment on charges, including assaulting a police officer and obstructing governmental administration, he expressed his denial of the allegations in Spanish and flipped off the cameras.

Video Researcher Western Lensman wrote, “This man entered the country illegally, was caught on camera beating a cop, and walked out of jail without bail. This is what he thinks of you and your country. He believes he is above the law. And he’s right.”

Senior Advisor to President Trump, Stephen Miller, wrote, “Joe Biden’s America in one photograph. Our national humiliation is endless.”


New York Post reported:

The migrant “cowards” who allegedly ganged up on a pair of cops near Times Square should be jailed, an NYPD official said Wednesday — as yet another suspect in the shocking mob attack was cut loose without bail.

Jhoan Boada, 22, even took time to flip the double bird as he strolled out of Manhattan Criminal Court following his arraignment on charges of assaulting a police officer and obstructing governmental administration for Saturday’s caught-on-camera beating.

“I didn’t do nothing,” he muttered in Spanish as he exited a courthouse hallway in a hail of news camera flashes.

Boada was the fifth accused cop-attacker sprung on the bail-eligible rap, something NYPD Chief of Patrol John Chell ripped as “reprehensible” earlier Wednesday.

“You have eight people attacking a lieutenant and a cop. The four that were arrested should be sitting in Rikers [Island] right now on bail,” the disgusted chief told reporters, as he noted cops are still hunting for three more suspects.

In addition to the initial arrests, two more suspects, Yohenry Brito, 24, and Jandry Barros, 21, were later detained and charged with felony assault and robbery. The suspects, like the previously arrested individuals, have ties to Venezuela and have been residing in city migrant shelters, with no work permits or known relatives in the city.

New York Governor Hochul addressed the possibility of deporting the asylum-seeking suspects involved. This statement came during a press briefing where she announced the nomination of Steven G. James as the new New York State Police Superintendent.

When questioned about the disturbing incident, Hochul expressed that the deportation of the suspects is a matter worth “considering.”

“I mean, if someone commits a crime against a police officer in the state of New York and they’re not here legally, it’s definitely worth checking into,” the Democrat governor said, according to The Post.

“These are law enforcement officers who should never under any circumstances be subjected to physical assault… It’s wrong on all accounts and I’m looking to judges and prosecutors to do the right thing,” she added.


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